One thing I learned from the X-Files…use vague one word titles and people go bananas with anticipation.

And, by the by, bananas is not meant as any sort of innuendo to male genitalia.

Also, was listening to a Big Sugar tune earlier the week, Nicotina. They sang this cool line about being the silver dollar to her slot machine…

And, I of course know there is no metaphor in this, whatsoever. They meant it purely at face value without any reference to fellatio nor intercourse.

Then there is that Master Card commercial that, allegedly, never aired. Something about the girlfriend’s father offering to come outside and give the boyfriend a blow job if he didn’t stop leaning on the intercom…

I don’t think that father had a sense of humour at all. We all know that was a complete theatre of the absurd as no boyfriend/girlfriend situation would ever lead to such a discussion.

Instead, of course, they would be on their knees praying to the Good Lord above. Of course, the boyfriend is praying that one day she will say yes and that way they can convene their union with one hell of a good banging…and she’s praying that the boyfriend is either very creative, or fucking well hung.

On a last, actual serious point…and fucking hilarious…I once went to a stand up comedy show to benefit the deaf. As such, half the audience was deaf which meant instead of applause, the comedian would be signaled by raises of hands and grunts…however, the funniest part was the interpreter who had a comedian who decided to use some vulgar language just to see the translation into sign language…and let me tell you, watching her sign ‘cock sucker’…

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