1. Anja Evans

    As a Finnish bartender, I used to work many late nights in a row, got extremely tired until found energy drinks, 1st was our local “Battery.” Had 6-7 0,33l cans in less than 4 hours and I tell ya… The shakes, the mood up rising, aw maaaaan SO full of energy – felt like nothing could stop me. That was of course before the down hill started, all the shit from my vains started to wear out – then came 100 times bigger tiredness than the original was. So I had the same set again on the next night. After about 6 months of this, major stomach problams begun and simply decided to swap to coffee. I´ve also seen the result of young adults having MASSIVE dosages of hard liq combined to energy drinks and the sight isn´t pretty. I´m more on the line, remove that shit out of the market.

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