The Antichrist is Here…Limited Time Only

It would seem that CO2 is a red herring and yet people still swear by it.

It is odd that with the documents leaked showing that scientific stats were falsified have been ignored by many…and yet they claim the gossip released by Assange and WikiLeaks this week as ‘truths’.

The NY Times, for example, did not print the documents debunking CO2, yet did get on the WikiLeaks bandwagon.

I guess truth is dependent upon which side you choose. Which pill you take…the red pill or the blue pill. It is a red day on green street when people see scientists debunking scientists as more questionable than a convicted felon debunking national details and secrets.

With both situations, we have to find out what the real problems are and work at those. These two examples have become the ‘sexy’ choice because they can be seen.

Driving into Toronto everyday, I can see the exhaust billowing from the vehicles as they race to get to their workplace which is more important than mine. Again, with WikiLeaks down, I am going by multiple news reports that referred to the documents as “nothing new’, ‘gossip’, and damaging to some out there trying to keep us safe…I have to assume that last point is why the site has been censored.

The real issues, though…what are they?

Let’s look at a few that pop up on my radar.

Not sure if this is still the case, but at one point China’s greatest trading partner was Wal-Mart. I have never been completely sure if this is caused by Wal-Mart’s size or by its showing that the almighty dollar is all that matters to this company. WM has taken the idea Henry Ford had a different direction…instead of paying employees enough so that they can afford the products, get the products cheaper so you don’t have to pay the employees more. This story is not one of American ingenuity…but one of hiding the slave labour off-shore. When one considers the human rights records of the Chinese…and the environmental cost of moving the products that distance to stores…there is one of the great truths I think we have ignored.

This issue is only compounded as the Chinese need more and more oil to keep up with demand, thus giving us issues in the Middle East as they now compete for the oil stores with the Americans and Russians. Funny with Canada’s proximity to the US and Russia’s eastern seaboard…and with all her oil, she is seen as too expensive and dirty. For the record, as of yet, there have been no wars started over Canada’s oil.

How about the truth that the EU seems to be a bust…which, not that long ago was seen as en route to becoming one of the possible replacements as the age of the American Empire comes to a close. One German friend of mine told me that they are one of a few countries able to bail out those in need…and at the rate they’re going, Germany and perhaps the Swiss will stand alone before much longer in that distinction…from what I know of the Swiss, they will turn off the taps before much longer if they are helping at all. Looking at the EU landscape, though…Greece, Ireland, Spain…talk that the British are near bankruptcy due to an over abundance of social safety nets they cannot afford. I will not even start on the poorer eastern countries that probably should not have gotten into the EU to begin with.

So what have I learned from all this?

1) Great truths are more about public perception and good marketing than about facts. Assange is seen as the underdog instead of the shit disturber. Wal-Mart is seen as a great community corporation instead of a slave labour exploiting organization.

2) The Antichrist is here. I know…I know…I’m Pagan and not supposed to believe in such horse shit but I believe that we have a self fulfilling prophecy, though not quite how most would deem it. This Antichrist is not a living organism and yet we all watch it live with bated breath. We all keep it in our pocket and speak of its ills without actually doing anything about it.

I’m not even speaking in metaphors here. I currently sit with two loonies in my pocket…that’s the nickname for the Canadian dollar coin because it is adorned with a bust of Queen Elizabeth on one side, and the loon on the other.

I can pull out one of these coins and state that I am staring into the eyes of the Antichrist. Not the queen…not the loon…but the coin itself.

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