1. mollyskiss

    And an intersting observation at that. I write erotica, on my blog and have some work published on a site called Just-kinky. I have been involved in this site for a while now and I have to say that some of our best writers of the hottest and steamiest stories are men.

    I am also a very visual person, so I don’t think a need for a good erotic image is just a man thing and for this very reason I try to pepper my blog/writing with images that I think will help the reader to be ‘involved’ in my story/writing.


    • I agree that my observation is pretty general. I suspect it is more a comment on social programming…or conditioning on a world wide scale.

      I agree some of the best eros writers are men. I took a course once and met a man trying to write erotica under a female pseudonym…he did quite well, actually. Not really talking about the writers in this sense as a good writer is not gender specific.

      Readers, however…yes there are some men and, yes, some women are voyeurs as well…nothing wrong with either, but the majority run the other way.

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