I still see her face, beautiful as day…

– Sting, The Hounds of Winter


“Let’s talk about the elephant, shall we?”

He sipped from his beer.  “Elephant?”

Derek was not as large as the tank behind the bar, but he was big.  African American with a near buzz cut afro hair.  He wore a red tie over his black shirt and slacks, but even the loose shirt could not hide the impressive shoulders and chest underneath.  “Cliff, come on.  You buy two seats on an airplane.  That makes you an expensive date for a woman.”

Cliff chuckled as he gulped and almost lost a mouthful of beer onto his red sweater.  “You have such a way with words.”

Derek smiled at him as he picked up his beer with one hand and sipped.  Glancing at his watch he returned his gaze to the big man.  “The problem is, I think your body needs all that space for that big heart, though.”

Cliff’s pale cheeks blushed at the compliment.

“You’re too nice, for one thing.”

“How can I be too nice?”

“Dude, you hang out at an airport bar to flirt with women.”

Cliff shrugged.

Derek’s voice dropped to near whisper, “Take her.” He gestured over to a woman sitting at the bar.

She wore a turtleneck robin’s egg blue sweater, un-tucked over blue jeans.  Her blonde hair came half way down her back.

“What about her?”

“You’d flirt with her, right?”

Cliff nodded.  “She’s cute.”

“…and she’s got a suitcase, so you know you have no shot as her plane probably leaves in half an hour.”

“You don’t know what she does for me, though.”

Derek’s brow crunched a question mark.  Shaking his head he spit out the words, “What does she do for you?”

“Well, let’s say she did start flirting with me.”

Derek nodded.  “Okay, I can suspend disbelief.”



The two laughed.  “Just because you played football doesn’t give you the right…”

“Yeah, and just because you have a few duckets doesn’t give you the right, either.”

Cliff held up his hands for a time out in front of his grin.

“Seriously, when I get back, I want you to come to the gym and I will help you.  I won’t even charge you.”

Cliff sighed.  “We’ll talk about that when you get back.”  He sipped his beer again.

Derek nodded and scratched his clean shaved jaw.

“See, women have babies just from looking at a guy like you.  They scream and fall at your feet.”

Derek laughed.  “Not quite.  Anyway, objection as that is irrelevant, councilor.  You were going to tell me what that cute blonde does for you.”

Cliff glanced over at her as the tank bartender refreshed her drink.  “Rye and Coke,” Clifford whispered.


“She’s drinking rye and Coke.”

Cliff had his wallet out and swore under his breath.

The tank bartender walked over and picked up the bill folder.

“Max, I’m sorry.  I seem to have left my Master Card at home.”

“Well, Cliff, this must be your lucky day.”  Max, the bartender, wore his usual uniform of a red tie and neatly pressed white shirt under a black vest.  “The young lady at the bar had no small change and paid your bill.”

Cliff looked up at the bar and saw the blonde woman smile at him.  “Thank you.”

She picked up her drink and stood.  Black coat draped over her drink carrying arm, she used her other to lead her suitcase over to his table.  “Can I join you?” she asked with an Irish accent.

Cliff blinked before his thoughts caught up with him.  “Please.”  He stood and gestured to the stool on the other side of the high table.

“I’m Sophia, just killing a few moments before my flight.”  Her blue eyes kept the smile as she sipped her drink.

“I’m Cliff.  Rye and Coke, right?”


“Going home?”

She nodded.  “Back to Dublin in an hour.”

“I’ve never been there, but I hear it is beautiful.  What brought you here?”

“It is beautiful,” she spoke while appearing to think about the answer to his question.  “Was here to meet a friend, but turns out he wasn’t a friend at all.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No…no.  I shouldn’t have said that, sorry.”

Cliff grinned.  “Let me guess, Facebook?”

She laughed and shook her head.  “No…Twitter.”


They both laughed.

“Listen, Cliff.”  Her eyes wanted to share a secret. “Maybe you could help me.”

It took the couple five minutes to traverse the terminal and parking garage to Cliff’s van.  It was black, and all the back windows were tinted.  Sophia’s suitcase now resided in the front passenger seat.

They sat in the back.  Sophie, on her knees beside him, kissed him deeply.  Her tongue tasted of rye, mints and cigarettes.

Cliff’s hands rested on her ass, thumbs slipping into the back pockets of her jeans.

She pulled away from his kiss and slipped her sweater over her head revealing two beautiful bra-less breasts that were about the size of apples.

Cliff smiled and quickly went to work, suckling her right nipple.  His tongue traced around her breast and he listened to her gasp.  Returning to her nipple he gave it a quick bit bringing a little yelp from her mouth.  He repeated this with her left breast while his hands started working on unbuttoning her jeans.

Her hands were on the back of his head pulling him further into her chest.  “Lay the seat back,” she whispered.  “I don’t have much time.”

After unzipping her jeans, his hand found the release beside him and lay the seat back as instructed.

She sat beside him and kicked her jeans off.  Her panties, already wet, quickly followed before she released the other seat and lay it back as well.

Cliff lay length ways on the seats as she straddled his face.  His tongue quickly found her flavour and, at first touch, it produced a pleasant scream from her.  As he slurped and drank, he felt her hands working his belt buckle, pant snap and zipper.

“This isn’t going to work,” he spoke muffled between her legs as her juices dripped into him mouth.

Her hand slipped inside his underwear and grasped his erection.  “Just shut the fuck up and make me cum!”

He did as instructed, using his tongue to dance with her clit.

Her hand stroked him, stopping when distracted by her own pleasure as she squirmed about atop his face.  She finally screamed in pleasure before her face fell on his belly and she released his cock.  Her body heaved for a moment or two before she propped herself up.  “Now you.”  She lifted off him and kneeled between the front seat and the seat Cliff lay upon.  She quickly took his erection back in hand and her tongue found his shaft and started licking.

The sensation had Cliff gasping as he felt her tongue slide up and down, around the head, and then the warmth of her lips engulfed him.  Her hand lightly squeezed his balls as he watched the back of her blonde hair bob up and down behind his stomach.

Nearing orgasm, he spoke, “There’s a condom…”

She pulled her mouth off him.  “Shut the fuck up and finish already.”  She pulled him back in just in time for him to explode.  She kept sucking until he finished convulsing.

They slowly shifted around so she could pull her clothes back on.  She smiled at him and whispered, “Thank you.  I really needed that.”  She kissed his cheek.

Cliff zipped himself back up.  “Um….happy to help, I guess.”  He chuckled.

“My husband never goes down on me.”


Derek’s eyes were wide.  “You gotta write that shit down, man.”

Cliff laughed.

“So you get a fantasy just from looking?”

Cliff nodded.  “That is a good way to describe it…and you’re going to miss your flight if you keep trying to describe it.”

Derek glanced at his watch.  “Shit, yeah. Cliff, it has been a slice.”

Both men stood and gave a quick hug.

“Safe flight.  I got this.”  Cliff gestured at the drinks.

“Thanks.  I’ll see you in a week.  Let me know how the Miller case goes.”

“You got it.”

Derek bolted from the bar at a near sprint towards the security check in.

Cliff looked over at the bar to see the blonde searching frantically through her purse.  He heard her swear under her breath.  An Irish accent produced the quiet words, “Where the fuck is that money?”

Cliff picked up his own folder and pulled a hundred dollar bill from his pocket.  Walking up to the bar, he set it down.  “Max, I have no small bills.”

Max, the tank shifted across the bar.  “No problem, Cliff.  I can make change.”

Cliff glanced at the blonde.  She was pale and looking lost as she glanced from side to side, mentally searching for something.  “No, Max.  I’ll pay for the young woman as well.  Keep the change.”

Her face turned to him quickly.  “But…?”

Cliff smiled at her.  “Enjoy your flight.”

He turned and left the bar.


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