Dark Window

Dark out my window again.

Funny how that happens each night.  I keep expecting Mother Nature to try and fool me sometime, but it has yet to happen.

Sitting in my office with a heating blanket on my lap.  The Doberman is laying on his bed behind me trying to ignore my tapping fingers as he and I listen to ESPN’s broadcast of the final regular season NFL games of the season.

For the record Hanny, the Doberman, is picking the Steelers to win it all…I’m staying with my pick of Baltimore which I made back in April.

Still not a great day.  Heavily medicated, easily taken advantage of…although not easy enough, as that has yet to happen.  Mind you, not sure I would be able to participate in much more than a group sneeze at this point.

Since I have been sick, I have been through all six Star Wars films, all three Matrix, all three Underworld, season six and seven of the X-Files, and season one of Babylon 5…oooh…and I also watched The Postman…a film starring and directed by Kevin Costner that bombed.  Mostly, I believe, as it was hard to grasp everything that film presents in the post apocalypse  story.  Maybe they just cannot fathom eating mule and horse meat.

Tonight, I am debating the choices of more Babylon 5…season eight of the X-Files (when John Doggett takes over for the vanished Fox Mulder)…or Fantasia 2000.  Not like I can watch football.

As usual, there will be broth…chicken broth, to be precise.  If I have my way, when I finally get out of this place on Tuesday, I’m going to eat a big pizza…double cheese…pepperoni…ground beef…pineapple…and maybe a beer chaser.

Yeah, probably not.  After nearly a week without solid food, that might not go over too well.

Anyhow, I have a couple of fictional stories now saved as drafts that I will be posting soon.  My head came out of the clouds of this flu this morning, finally, but still not enough to concentrate to where I was happy with what I was writing.  I have one more, could be the last one, of Cliff in his ‘Turn About’ series.  Also have more ‘Expanse’ which I have ignored for too long now.  Something new, as well…not exactly sure where that one is going as it is the furthest of the three from being done.

One more night of full meds…tonight I will drink my cough syrup and toast Brett Favre as, apparently, he has retired…again…and seeing as I have no one to take advantage of me, I have nothing better to do.

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