Turn About Business

“Nice sweater.”

Cliff tugged his red sweater over his large belly in a self conscious mock of the Picard maneuver.

The young lady grinned and smacked her gum as her jaw hammered at it. Her brunette hair fell far enough that she could have sat on it. Her black sweater and red skirt showed off her curves.

“Has Ms. Williams come in yet?” Cliff put his briefcase on the counter.

She smacked her gum more in thought. “Um, I think so. Lemme check.” Her fingers flew across the keyboard in front of her. They the tapped on the phone pad beside her. Ms. Williams? A gentleman here to see you.”

Cliff chuckled that she did not know.

She continued her one sided conversation, “Um…mister…?”

“Cliff,” he helped her.

“Cliff,” she smiled into the mouthpiece. “Thank you.” She tapped another phone key to end her call. “She’ll be down in about ten minutes if you do not mind waiting.”

Cliff chuckled. She really did not know.

She stood. “While you’re waiting, could I offer you a water, coffee or blow job?”

“Coffee would be good in my…”. His jaw went lax before he asked, “What was that last one?”

She walked out from behind the desk and stood in front of him. Her left hand sat square on his chest. With her boot heels, she was a foot taller than he was. “We have ten minutes. Blow job first, then I’ll get your coffee.”

She pushed him back to the black leather reception sofa. He fell to it as she kept walking, forcing his knees apart. She lowered to her knees as her hand quickly found his zipper. Her tongue flashed across lipstick that matched her nail color.

Leaving him buckled, her hand slipped into his fly. She grinned as she found his hardness. “You married?”

“Uh…no.” Cliff slumped against the back of the couch. His eyes found the waterfall painting that was centered on the wall ahead of him.

One handed, she unbuttoned the fly on his boxers and slipped his erection out. “Mmmm…you look delicious.” She licked the tip like an ice cream.

Cliff shuddered and his gaze returned to her. She raised up and pushed her sweatered breasts to either side of his cock.

“Whoops.” She giggled and pulled the wad of gum from her mouth. Quickly glancing around, she slipped it under the corner of the side table beside the couch. “Now where was I?” She took his erection with both hands and kissed the tip, leaving a bright red lipstick mark.

His eyes caught hers just as her mouth took him in. Taking her top hand away, her lips slipped down his shaft halfway. His left hand found the back of her head and he pulled harder until she moved her other hand. Her lips lowered further until the tip of his cock felt the back of her throat.

She coughed and gagged on him. Pulling him out, she wiped her arm across the top of her mouth to clear the saliva. She stroked him lightly with her other hand. “Girlfriend?” she asked just before she slipped him in her mouth again.

“No,” Cliff answered barely.

She pulled her mouth off him and smiled. “Good. I don’t like making people feel guilty. Not that that would stop me.” Her tongue ran up the length of him. “So, Mr. Cliff?” What brings you here?”

Ms. Williams’ voice shot across the room, “MR. STREET!”

She continued her one sided conversation, “Um…mister…?”

“Cliff,” he helped her. “Cliff Street.”

Her green eyes went wide. “Mr. Street,” she told her headset. Her eyes turned to the plaque on the wall beside the door.

The gold plaque proclaimed in bold black letters: “Clifford Street, Barristers and Solicitors”.

She quickly ended the call and pulled the gum from her mouth. “I’m sorry, Mr. Street. I didn’t….”

He held up his right hand. “Not a problem, Miss…?”

“West, Heather West.”

“You want to be a lawyer, Ms. West?”

She smiled widely. “I start my courses next September.”

“Good. We’ll get you off the reception as soon as I can so you can see it up close.”

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