Dennis and Polly in Captivity

“Pork chops!”

Polly blinked.

Dennis said it again, “Pork chops! Would you like a pork chop?”

Polly wagged his nub of a tail in agreement.

“Yeah, I figured you would like that.” Dennis wiped his hands on the fropnt of his white apron. “I’m a master with the Foreman!”

Polly wagged more agreement.

Polly three pork chops out of the package, he lay them on a plate. He took the plate over to the Foreman Grill perched on top of the microwave and lay the three pieces of meat on it and closed it.

He picked up his beer and wandered into the living room. Dennis was average height and a little overweight, but carried it so most would not notice. His hair was mostly gray on both his head and beard.

“That’s why we like you, Mulder. You’re ideas are weirder than ours,” the man on the TV said.

Dennis slumped into his recliner.

Polly found his pillow, a large beige and navy plaid pattern. He circled it twice and lay down with his head over his paws.

“I know,” Dennis told the dog before allowing his lips to take another pull on his beer. Pushing his silver framed glasses up his nose, he continued, “Scully’s hot.”

Polly turned his black head around and listened. Nub wagging again. The doberman set his head down again.

Dennis glanced at his watch. Rising from his chair, he returned to the kitchen. Dropping the original plate in the sink, he pulled a new one from the cupboard. The three pieces of meat sizzled as he unplugged the Foreman Grill. Plucking the meat slabs off with a fork and put them on the plate.

Slicing the first piece up, he dropped it in the dog dish on the counter.

He checked his watch again and rolled his eyes. Slicing up the second piece, he put it on a smaller plate. From the fridge he produced another beer bottle and a bag of salad. He emptied half of the salad onto the plate, resealed the bag and returned it to the fridge. With a quick twist, he flipped the bottle cap into the trash.

Grabbing a fork, he took the plate in one hand and dog dish in the other. Laying the dog dish in front of Polly, he returned to his own chair and continued watching the TV while he picked at his food.

His BlackBerry vibrated against the black faux iron lamp on the small green side table beside him. Picking it up, he clicked on the messenger service and was greeted by five words:

“I’m going to be late.”

His eyes rolled as he put the phone back down. He quickly finished his food and beer. “Looks like it’s just you and me again, kid.”

Polly wagged his nub without moving his head.

Dennis glanced out the window. The dark skies over head briefly lit up with a shock of lightning. The street was clear except for a black van sitting across the street.

The man in the drivers seat set down his binoculars as the lights in the house across the street went out.

“Are we ready?” a woman’s voice asked from the back of the van.

“Yes, I think so.”

Dennis put the radio on sleep mode and lay down under the duvet. Polly lay on his little bed at the foot of Dennis’.

Dennis was snoring when two shadows entered the room. Polly looked up at them and wagged his nub.

Dennis wandered through his usual dream.

The goddess with black curls rode him like he was her stallion. Her slim hips pounded down onto him. His hands grasping her warm hips and pulling her down harder.

The cloud they were fucking on drifted closer and closer to the sun.

Her leather clad legs slammed down on him harder, dragging him to an orgasm that exploded through his body…

Dennis snapped awake in a cell. Three grey stone walls and one wall of gunmetal grey bars. A single white light came down from one circular tile in the centre of the ceiling.

He snapped up to a sitting position. “HEY!” His eyes widened. “Where am I?”

He pulled the blanket off, and stood up. He was completely naked and quickly wrapped the blanket around himself. Approaching the bars, he shook them with both hands. “HEY!”

A loud mechanical roar caused him to back away from the bars. The floor started to vibrate, causing him to sit back down.

He looked around and whispered, “Help?? Polly?”

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