1. Lis

    I wish more people would take care of rescue dogs. Hope you´ll have him by your side for another year..or two. If not, you gave him love and a home and that´s worth loads in the long run.

    • I think the problem is at this age they are difficult to train. I am lucky as Hanny is well trained and polite, so long as one is not wearing a steak necklace. But older dogs who become homeless…we never know how they will react or how well they were trained until they have been with you for a bit. Most would rather just start with a pup they can work with themselves.

  2. Lis

    True, but a cool owner or handler make most dogs behave and relax. It´s always the human factor. Pups are cute but then there´s all the house training and the first three over active years when you have to train and stimulate them regulary. I actually think it´s easier with the old ones, at least until you have to carry them around and in the end take the hard decisions. Dogs don´t live long but they are worth all the sorrow you feel when they are gone. Give Hanny a meatball for me, he´s a great dog.

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