Flossie Dont Know Jack

Jack walked into the pub. His six foot tall frame covered by a black tie, black shirt, and black suit. His hand scratched his salt and pepper goatee. Dark glasses allowed his eyes to wander unobserved.

The bar was half full. It was dimly lit featuring mahogany furniture and stained glass light shades.

Jack scanned the patrons. Most were of the gothic set, making him feel like the senior vampyre. The music was a haunting jazz piano solo that he did not recognize. “Jazz in Tennessee. Who knew,” Jack whispered to himself. He then saw her. She was too obvious to miss.

Three younger women, Jack guessed mid-20s, were at the far end of the bar. Two long haired brunettes were both skinny and in non descript black dresses. They were near twins in their heavy makeup and giggles. The third of their party had caught Jack’s attention. Her hair was short and curly, either dirty blonde or brunette with blonde streaks…Jack could not tell with the dim light. She wore a dark red floral dress that Jack estimated was an erred self conscious attempt not to draw attention to herself. Jack’s prey was not skinny like the other two.  He so liked curves.

Jack made a mental wager as to how big the cross dangling around her neck would be.  He made his way to a side table where the women would not notice him. He observed the women, chatting in their huddle and watching the men around them.

He knew her type.  She had been dragged here, by her friends, as they wanted to help her get out and meet people.  She was conservative in nature and did not like putting herself on display in places like this, probably feeling much more at home at a church function.  This event was probably a result of a recent break up or fight with a boyfriend or husband.  He was certain she was a knitter.

Jack would only have one opportunity to enjoy such a goddess.  He just had to wait for the right moment.  His only doubt was that she might not like the attention from a man twenty years older.

It only took fifteen minutes for his moment to arrive.  He was sipping from his Jack Daniels when the two skinny brunettes linked arms and made off to the restroom.  Jack’s prey slouched slightly with a break from the show she was putting on for her two friends.

He stood, picked up his drink, and drifted over towards her.  He slid into the open spot behind her and signaled the bartender.

His prey only realized Jack’s presence when she followed the bartender’s gaze.  “Oh, hi.”

Jack smiled and nodded, pretending that he had not intended to startle her.  “Another Jack,” he said to the bartender.  Turning to his prey, “Might I refill yours?”

She smiled.  “Um…okay.  Rum and Coke, please.”

Jack repeated her order to the bartender.  “I’m Jack, by the way.”  His voice was deep and smooth.

“That’s convenient,” she laughed.

Jack pretended confusion.

“Being you’re drinking a Jack.”

He nodded and chuckled.  “Ah, yes.”

“I’m Mary-Jo.”  She offered her hand.

Jack shook it.  “Nice to meet you.  You are new here, aren’t you? I know the regulars, but have not seen you before.”

She shook her head.  “My girlfriends made me come.  Anniversary of my break up, you might say.”

Jack nodded knowingly.

“I don’t know why I let them bring me.”  Her eyes were locked on him.

“I’ll tell you what,” Jack cut in.  “There is only one way to properly celebrate such an anniversary.”  He knew he had her.


He pulled two bills from his pocket and dropped them on the bar top for the drinks.  He held her brown eyes with his own.  “I’m at the Hilton across the street.  Room 405.  Meet me there in an hour.  Don’t be late.”

Her mouth opened, but no words.

He raised his glass to her, “Until then, my lady.”  He drained his drink and left without looking back.  He did, however, see the two skinnies walking back from the restroom just before he pushed out into the dark street.

It was forty-five minutes before he heard the knock at the door.  Jack sat up on the bed, straightened his tie, reached for the remote and flipped the television off.  Quickly to the door, he took a deep breath…back into character, and opened it.

Mary-Jo stood at the door.   She looked nervous.

“You’re early,” he scolded and turned around.  Reaching the bar fridge, he flipped it open.  “Drink?  I have whiskey.”

She stood outside the hotel room door still.  The look on her face suggested a sloth would arrive with room service faster than her answer.

“You can come in, or I can close the door and watch hockey.”  He pulled out a plastic bottle of Coke and poured it into a ceramic mug.  He replaced the Coke in the fridge and added a shot of whiskey to the soda.  His tone changed into instructions, “Come in.”

She followed his order, closing the door behind her.  She was in a dark red floral dress and a black purse hung over her shoulder.  “I am not sure why I am here.”  She looked back at the door.  Her neck twisting pulled a rather large gold cross, dangling from a gold necklace, over the neck of her dress.  Her voice had an obvious drawl to it.

“I know why you are here.  Time to get out of your bubble.”  Jack wondered if his pronunciation of “out’ gave away his Canadian heritage.

She did not seem to notice.  “Bubble?”

He handed her the drink.  “Undress.”

Her face went white.  “Sorry?”

He locked his eyes on hers.  “Darling, you can either leave now, or wait until I have given you a screaming orgasm or two.  The choice is yours.  Undress or be on your way.”

She blinked twice, took a sip from the drink and set it down, and reached behind her to unzip her dress.

He sipped from his own drink and watched her take the dress off.

She folded it neatly and lay it on the second bed in the room.  Her bra, nylons and panties quickly followed.

Jack sipped from his drink again and set it down on the table beside the bed.  Walking over to her, he studied her curves.

“Me chubba,” she said.

“Never say that again,” he quickly corrected.  “You are perfect, my lady.”  His walked behind her before slipping his arms around her waist.  His lips found her shoulder and quickly moved up to her neck.

She sighed as his tongue ran along her neck and up her chin…In a heartbeat they were both naked, still standing, and his erection was hammering into her from behind as she bent over on the bed.

He was surprised how easily she took his instructions…everything from bending over, to getting on her knees and swallowing.  He gave her three screaming orgasms before he told her to get dressed.

At one point, hand on the back of her neck and his cock in her mouth, he said, “I should call you Flossie…but my cock is too big to floss with, so perhaps I am wrong.”  He laughed at her confusion, knowing she was too young to recall such a film as Flossie.

He only kissed her six hours later, a peck on the cheek, as she was leaving.

Jack, once again alone, sat listening to the silence.  He smiled as his erection was still warm.  He also stared at Mary-Jo’s phone number scrawled on the hotel pad.

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