No Upgrade Required

I have this hot ticket in my hand. Thanks to a previous position, on the evening of March 2 I will be boarding an aeroplane for my first trip home to Calgary in nearly three years.


Most of the way, anyway. Being how late I booked this, my air miles required me to connect both ways through Edmonton. Seems to me I have a three hour lay over coming home on March 5th.

The flights between Edmonton *cringe* and Calgary *applause* are about 40 minutes on a puddle jumper.

These will be the first flights I have taken since a work trip to New York City in December 2009.

I still recall with the contract position I had from 2006 to 2008, I was flying a lot. Always traveling, at least. With that position, my first trip was a visit to Thunder Bay, Ontario, flying in there on Jan 31, 2007.

From that date onward, I was in the air at least twice a month, and away a week every four, right through the end of the contract. I became a professional traveler.

One interesting time had me in Canada’s Maritimes visiting both St. John’s, Newfoundland and Halifax, Nova Scotia for a week over Valentines Day. Two weeks later I was in Canada’s prettiest city, Vancouver. Then, again, two weeks later we were winging off to the factory in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ok, a slight exaggeration and being one of my occasional readers used to do my expense cheques, we will just say it is a good story.

So…off to Calgary…six interviews set up already for the two days. Yes, I said SIX. All but one are directly with the firms involved. In the last year I have been looking in and around Toronto, I have had six…and I only got past the head hunters twice.

However exciting this all sounds…at least on the flights, no upgrade required.

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