Rub n’ Tug

I am attending a presentation on massage therapy…FOR YOUR HORSE.

Probably not something most people think of, but animals have some of the same problems we do. Specific to horses there are, of course, doctors…aka the vet. However, there are also massage therapists, dentists, chiropractors…and probably even stylists.

All sarcasm aside, having dealt with some race and show horses over the last two years, it makes a lot of sense. They get the same muscle issues we do…the get back problems…they get cavities…and they probably even have bad hair days.

So do dogs.

So do cats

So do giraffes.

So do llamas.

So do cows.

Fish…not so much.

I suspect that the last two years have probably taught me more about myself than I could imagine…from watching them.

Example…there are some who base the theory of a man having multiple wives on how animals are. Look at the cow herd…one bull and thirty mamas. Error here is that the bulls follows the herd, not the other way round. He’s after the sex and I suspect the mamas would survive without his presence…just no offspring.

This particular example has confirmed some of what I already believed.

We really are not all that different. We may have souls, allegedly…higher intellects, allegedly…and digits on our hands…but biologically we are similar.

As the massage therapist here said, the biggest difference is that a person will tell you that it hurts…a horse will hoof you one.


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