Calgary Chronicals, Day Trois

6:12am MST
Do mountains tell time?

“Does anybody really know what time it is?
Does anybody really cars?”

– Chicago (the band)

I really do not want to get out of bed. I am starting to adjust to the time zone and, typical, I am going back tomorrow.

One joke in my interviews is when asked why I want to return to Calgary I explain that I want the Monday Night Football games to end at ten pm instead of midnight. That is one thing…thanks to time zones, sports end at much more reasonable hours here.

The economics, if I can get the numbers I heard yesterday, are sound. Money aside, I stand by what I said yesterday. I feel wonderful.

Today’s plan of attack includes one more interview as well as scoping out apartments to get the lay of the rent. All I would need is a bachelor…I would not even require a bedroom. I also will have camera in hand.

Once again, it is still so very dark out there. Watching from a fifth floor apartment as cars wander along the snow, ice and sand covered streets like rats looking for cheese.

I wonder if I have found my cheese.

8:30am MST
Starbuck is god!

Warming myself with a vanilla latte as I watch the wheels go round and round. Cars passing by along 8th St at 12th Ave SW. The muck on the road is everywhere…that brown sludge that begins as gorgeous snow but, when mixed with road salt and sand, turns into that ugly mud that ends up on the shoes and in every entry way.

In this city, though, when that sunlight peeks between the buildings and warms the -20 C air so slightly, it makes it worthwhile. The dry air does lead to more Chapstick requirements than I would like…but I would take that over my Toronto allergies as the allergy pills likely cost more than the lip balm would.

I wonder if that brown muck on the street would work as lip balm. Imagine the bundle I could make marketing that. Mud baths are good, right? So how about new “Lip Muck” brand lip balm…make the rest of your body jealous of the treatment your lips are getting. I could also sell a plug in attachment for when people want that warmer mud bath feel.

11:40am MST
My kingdom for a blowjob!

Off to my uncle’s place shortly. This should be fun.

Do not get me wrong, but back in the 80s my uncle and aunt became born again Christians. I recently declared myself a born again atheist. See where I am going with this?

These are the type who will offer their prayer of thanks for lunch…but ask if their guest will actually want to say grace…

“Rubba dub dub
Thanks for the grub

I suspect this might cause some friction.

However, I will respectfully decline and will then get grilled on the ‘why’.

One answer…I do not believe.

To paraphrase Douglas Adams, is it not enough just to accept that the garden is beautiful? Why is it required to believe that something actually made it that way. Cosmic accidents do happen, and probably do not give a shit which deity you just thanked for your ham sandwich.

Other than his well said warning about not walking into a feminist office, calling them ‘cupcakes’ and asking them to make dinner and for a blowjob…these are about all the commandments an atheist male needs, by the way…Carlin’s views on religion being the biggest bullshit story ever told were the first hammer to hit the nail sealing my atheism. Richard Dawkins book, the God Delusion, was the last hammer hit, and then the puddy that covers the nail before painting the wood. Douglas Adams helped with a few hits of his hammer as well.

I have asked this before and will ask it again…what deity, in their right mind, would appear, give us a book of stories and rules, and then vans h without a trace for more than 2000 years, expecting people to continue believing long after. To the point where he shall rise up and smite those who do not believe when he does return…sending them to burn for all eternity…

“But he loves you…” – George Carlin

Do I hand my dog a book, written by other dogs, and then walk away? Come back two weeks later and get upset with the dog who has now eaten the book…even though in allegedly creating that dog I made its need to chew things part of its nature?

Anyway…putting soapbox away for now.

I am still very spiritual. I still follow the Wicca creed (basically, do no harm), I still read Tarot, and still believe there is something beyond this existence.

However, I do not believe a creator would give us curiosity and the ability to evolve and then expect blind faith.

19:15pm MST
The wrong team just scored!

Sitting with an old buddy watching the Calgary Flames play the Columbus Blue Jackets…the BJs…still hoping and, who knows…

One to nothing for Columbus. I am three beer in and just started on number four.

Fly out tomorrow, but in an interesting unexpected twist, I now have a ‘second’ interview tomorrow during a layover in Edmonton. It could involve a territory of Fort McMurray which is seven hours north of Edmonton…

…Yes, there is north of Edmonton.

…I need that bj!

23 45pm MST

I just introduce a Twitter friend that I have know since, roughly, grade one to a Twitter goddess They have been chatting about whatever since.

I have no idea about bedding arrange other than I would like to be at the airport prior to my flight.

Truth be told. This falls into the “I wish” category…but…

I bid you all good night. I do wish…


  1. “I also will have camera in hand.” ? Hmmm I suspect more than just a camera in hand…..

    I am glad things went well. You sound very happy and fired up.

    I love what you wrote about religion/God’s. I was bought up Church of England but I have decided that the world, the universe, cannot be explained by a bible or a God…maybe he had a hand in it, maybe he didn’t but the complexities and vastness of it all tell me religion is just a little blip in all that makes this world.


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