1. Oh bloody brilliant….beautiful, sensual, erotic and a delicious play on words, best thing I have read so far today. Oh to be able to write like this……I am envious.


  2. Hello. Not really a comment, more of a question from a fellow WordPess user. Did you have any difficulties using the WW backlink? I keep getting an error when i try and add my latest blog post to the WW page using the Linky Form (it keeps telling me the backlink isn’t there – it is).
    And do feel free to delete this non-related question from the comments.

    • No worries. I had that happen at first because I had forgotten to put the pingback address in the pic details. Once I fixed that, no problem.

      I put it in by copying the url of the WW button and putting the image in that way. Then have to add the address at the bottom to the “link” section.

      I hope this helps.

  3. Oh i see. I’d downloaded the WWbutton image, inserted it and changed the link to the WW page, which failed.

    It feels to me hat there’s something a tiny bit wrong somewhere, but at least that’s got it working now, thank you. It became more of an intellectual exercise than anything else – the post itself isn’t really worth the effort, but I ate being beaten.

    Thanks for your help.

  4. Oh, lovely. The play on words, and the sheer sensuality of it all. Well done.

    (PS Hi from a fellow Canuk! I’m originally from Ontario, but am now living in the US for school.)

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