1. oh my gosh. that is messed up but in a lovely make me laugh out loud funny way. having had some really bad one night stands, it’s very relatable. i love it!

  2. This soooooo made me laugh. And reminded me of a one night stand I wrote about that WAS true, where I woke up in bed with a man and his two ShihTzus watching Praise The Lord club on tv:-)

  3. I’m not sure I get it, but you are a great writer!

    (altho I’m a terrible reader bc for some reason on my computer your font is realllllly hard to read, maybe i’m just old)

  4. I haven’t watched or read Stardust yet. I liked Nevermore. It’s hard to resist reading about a utopia/ dystopia.

    I really like writing with a twist, especially with a man in submission/ bondage. I will probably use this idea as some kind of male torment later for my own fiction.

  5. *giggles* You get major props for referencing Gaiman. And even more for pointing out that the book didn’t end that way, damnit!

    I do like your writing style. 🙂 well done.

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