1. Loves2Watch

    Wow! I enjoyed your day-in-the-life. And I love that I’m not the only one thinking about blowjobs all day long. Hehe.

  2. kazigrrl

    Love the randomness. And cheers for the nice guy, glad there are still some left in this world, frustrating though it may be

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. _meganindenver

    this was SOOO much fun for me!! i usually do my Toronto visits via Google Maps & youtube videos, but this was super special because i was with you 🙂 i imagined myself sitting behind you on the transit, following you throughout your day. watching you enjoy your lunch until eating the awful onion rings and then rolling on the floor laughing at the face you made. you are so cute! i was there watching the womens trying to guess which ones you were imagining getting the BJ’s from (all of the womens, ha!) and thinking of cliff…i miss him. i should spend the day catching up on your blog. i loved this.

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