1. Loves2Watch

    What about Pigs In Space?

    I love sci-fi and like you, I lump sci-fantasy into that genre. So many great stories, relevant and/or controversial to our time, can be effectively told through the prism of science fiction. And then there are just fun movies like Preditor or any of Arnie’s 80-90’s action movies. Although Running Man and (the first) Terminator both amazing sci-fi stories.

  2. kazigrrl

    I have long classed science fiction & fantasy all in one breath. Much of the most successful media SciFi are simply “westerns in space” and in fact Gene Roddenberry said as much when he conceived of Star Trek.

    That said, it is (and has been since I was small) my absolute favourite genre outside of kink… and sometimes it falls within! Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land, several bits of Bradley’s Darkover series… 😉

    ~Kazi xxx

    • I prefer book stores and libraries that actually separate the two.

      And Roddenberry was right…part of why he recast and brought Shatner in after the pilot was to get away from that. As I said, Star Trek, unlike much of popular “sci fi” TV and movies is sometimes on either side of this.
      I may have to look up the two you mentioned, however…don’t know those two. Thank you.

      • Loves2Watch

        The Darkover series is pretty good, but I only got about a dozen books in. Maybe I should pick up again.

        My all time favorite is still DUNE (the book). I just love that book.

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