Stranded For More Than A Year, Now

November 15th was the one year anniversary of this blog.

Who ever thought that sex, atheism and Muppets could all come together in one coherent post.

Not sure anyone still thinks that, but I am working on it.

So, a year…on my third job since beginning this.  Finally into a job I can say I am truly happy with.  Barring things going awry with their business plan or as people retire above and get replaced by unknowns, I will retire where I am now…could see myself happily here well into my sixties if they will have me.  My girls are now 10 and 12…youngest will be 11 in about three weeks, actually…and much as I tell them to stop, they keep growing.

The last few months I have finally started kicking my vanilla habits as well.  About fucking time.  Just last night I attended my second Munch…good to meet people who realize that kink is to be celebrated and not frowned upon.

Got paid for writing again this year…was the first time in a long time, but it actually happened.  Still not a career, but one day…one day…

Also was published numerous times in a variety of places.  For a writer, this does not sound like much, but when one considers that prior to this I had only been published once…well, it has been exciting.

Perhaps more important is what is coming up…

…no idea.  Due to something that happened at work, my on-again/off-again Stranded tour may be back on again, but that remains to be seen.  May even expand it if all goes as I would like.

Also might take another look at moving this blog to my own domain…again, kicking the vanilla side, that phrase tickles me some.  Not sure if I will or not, but the next few days will be spent looking at options in that regard with an eye on a New Year decision.


I know…y’all just want more sex, right?

Let’s see…I plan to put more condoms to good use over the next year.  Plan to buy more leather…not necessarily for me to wear, but perhaps for a friend or two.  Perhaps a new camera is in order as well.

Long story short (too late!) 2012 will likely be a much less turbulent year for me.  It seems the job and home bits are figured out…taking a lot of stress off the rest going forward.  All remains to be seen, however, but some goals have started to form in my meditations and we all know that the power of the mind is stronger than any fictional fate.

Well, we all should know, but that’s a discussion for another time.

So, for the next year…bring it on…


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