Story of the Black Hat

Eye Reflection by Bill Damon eroticaShe snapped a picture of him from 200 metres away. Mina pushed brunette hair over her left ear, and the ends swayed just above her shoulder. She stood, legs spread apart, aimed and fired. She called him “The Black Hat”.

He always wore a black Fedora that matched his suit. The suit was always three pieces and, though a different style each day, was always black. Today he also wore a black shirt with a blood red tie that disappeared mid-chest beneath the vest. He leaned against the white stone of the building and sipped Cherry Coke from a can as he watched passers-by through circular wire-rimmed glasses.

“Who drinks a Cherry Coke?” Mina asked in a whisper.

He smiled as though people were entertaining him, but never moved or spoke. He was not a skinny man, not even athletic, but that free and genuine smile made him so alluring and inviting.

Mina lowered her camera to check the battery. She was on her lunch break and saw him here most days from down the street from this courtyard. She liked to come here, eat her lunch sitting at the courtyard fountain, and take a few pictures of random things or people. She first noticed The Black Hat two months ago…more and more of her lunch photos were of him.

The sun beamed down from above the skyscrapers and lit the street scene. Not too busy today, such a beautiful summer day and many had gone to the beach rather than the office.

Mina glanced around making certain no vehicle or passersby blocked her next shot of him. She raised the camera back up. With a hand on the lens, she zoomed in.

His blue eyes looked directly into the lens, and the smile vanished. Pushing off the wall, he turned and marched into the office building with one last check right back at Mina’s lens again.

Mina felt shame mixed with disappointment and embarrassment in the pit of her stomach. A sip of her own can of ginger ale and she returned to her workplace.

“Nice lunch?”

Mina jumped at the words, still lost in guilt from being caught.

Brenda, the office receptionist, grinned. “Mina? Are you okay?”

Mina gave her a tight smile and nodded. “I’m fine, thanks.”

The next day, Thursday, it rained, and Mina remained stranded in her office over the lunch hour. She watched through the lunchroom window as five floors below people dashed along with items covering their heads. She could not see his spot from here, however.

Friday’s lunch hour was sunny again. Mina’s short legs took her and her camera out of the office at enough speed to leave her breathing slowly. She stopped at her coffee shop for a sandwich and soda…today she chose a Cherry Coke. Then she continued around the corner to the cement courtyard.

A cool breeze filtered through the trees of the open space; Mother Nature’s way of announcing summer’s end. The fountain, as always, gurgled obliviously.

The Black Hat did not appear.

Mina took no pictures and made her way back to work. Other than a couple of bird’s squawking at her, no one paid her any notice. She worked quietly the rest of the day and took the elevator down to her car.

The cars were on a lower level beneath the building. A white hallway from the elevator led to a steel door and out to the cement parkade.

Mina stepped through the doorway and saw The Black Hat leaning against the cement pillar beside her car. With his Fedora held in his right hand, he showed his short greying brown hair. Blue eyes raised to meet hers, and the smile appeared.

He was much taller than she had realized. Her brown eyes blinked up from his chest level. She walked towards her car with keys held in case she needed a weapon.

“Mina?” he asked with a slow deep voice.

How did he know her name? Mina stopped a few feet in front of him. She felt her knee-length black skirt and boots were not covering herself enough, so pulled her purse in front of her white-sweatered torso.

“You have something of mine.”

Another wash of guilt fell over her. “I do?” Her question was whispered.

He nodded. “Every picture takes a piece of the one in the picture.”

“I need to go home.”

He nodded and stood upright. “You’ll show me the pictures.” Standing back, he allowed Mina to pass to her car door. After the click of the remote, he opened it for her and closed it once she was inside.

Mina drew in a large breath of relief but jumped at the sound of him knocking on the passenger window. She surprised herself further by letting him in.

The drive to her apartment was silent other than radio adverts pushing back-to-school items. The busy street made the trip of twenty minutes about fifteen minutes longer than it should have been.

Without words, he followed from the car into the building and up two flights of steps to her tiny apartment.

Mina handed him a stack of photos.

He sat on a kitchen chair, dropped his Fedora on the table and thumbed through them with a widening smile. “What do you want?” He never looked up from the photos.

“More,” Mina whimpered.

“Bring your camera,” he said. He took the apartment keys from her and locked the door before taking her to the roof.

The sun started to vanish between the taller buildings around them. The roof was mostly shaded and covered in antennas.

He leaned against the stairwell door and Mina began snapping pictures. They slowly moved around the rooftop until Mina breathlessly said, “My battery is almost gone.”

The Black Hat walked back to the door and leaned against it. “Are we done?”

Mina lowered to her eyes as she stepped closer. “No.”

“What else do you want?”

Mina’s eyes dropped to his crotch and returned to meet his.

“You’re kidding, right?” His face blossomed to red.

No answer and her face looked ready to pout.

He took a deep breath. “On your knees.”

As instructed, Mina lowered to her knees.

“Unzip my pants.”

The camera dangled from her neck strap as she reached up and tugged the zipper. A large bulge was already forming.

“Pull it out.”

She did and gasped at his size.

“Hurry, take your pictures, it is cold.”

She sat back on her legs and started snapping shots of his semi-hard member.

The Hat moved his balance from one foot to the other.

Mina’s favourite shot came when she laid down beneath him, focused on his penis with his head a blur behind it.  Finished, she got back on her knees and set the camera aside. She sat, waiting for his next instruction and expecting him to take her.

The Black Hat, however, had other ideas. After a moment, he put his member away and zipped back up.  He grasped Mina’s hands, helped her to her feet and reached for her camera. He gave her the camera and, with a still blushing face, he kissed her cheek. “Thank you,” he whispered.

Mina smiled and looked back at the roof for a moment. “I have some wine at my…” The sound of the closing door cut her off. Mina opened the door to follow, but he was already gone from sight by the time she got down to the street. With a sigh, she walked back up to her apartment, closed the door behind her, opened her wine and began to look at the pictures.  After an hour of work, and a second opening of wine, she stared at her favourite picture.  “You are not The Black Hat, after all,” she told the screen.  “You are the Blur.”


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