1. Next Gen was always my favorite. I would take Picard over Kirk any day. I love that George Takei is around and very popular still.I just saw him in Larry Crowne.
    I’m not a sci-fi snob at all I like Star Wars movies as well as the Stargate TV shows in addition to Star Trek.

  2. My foray into media fandom started in the mid-70s when my sister and I watched re-runs of the original Star Trek series daily, twice a day. By the time I went to my first science fiction convention (Noreascon II in Boston, which was a world convention and forever spoiled me for conventions after that) I could quote all of the original ST verbatim as well as the first two Star Wars movies. Bones McCoy was always my favourite doctor 🙂

    Loved Next Gen and Deep Space Nine, really couldn’t get into the ones after that. Loved every other movie (we seriously thought that some was going on with every even movie 😀
    I was really scared that they’d botch it when they went back to the Academy days, was most pleasantly surprised to be wrong!! and am looking forward to the next one!

    ~Kazi xxx

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