Concubines of a King

“This must be Thursday.  I never could get the hang of Thursdays,” Potsy whispered to himself.  He glanced at both of the lightly snoring women snuggled up against him.

He could only see the brunette curls of Lilly, who’s head rested on his right hip, and light breath could be felt on his nakedness.  Gem’s red hair fanned out on the pillow beside him and her chin rested on his left shoulder.

Potsy was amazed that neither woman had touched him, though they had slept like this each night since his arrival.  Much as he liked them both, he still felt it awkward and assumed they were both here to simply make sure he did not run away.

It had been three days since he had left his previous life.  A life that had been working financial portfolios at a tiny bank in the tiny burb of Bolton which rested about twenty kilometres north of Toronto.  Each day he would drive up Highway 50 and go to work trying to make twenty percent and only pay out four.  Every day was the same with him slipping next door to the sub shop for lunch and returning to work.  It was a job, however, that he was not very good at.  Many days he was simply surprised by the fact that he was not yet fired, but thought it only a matter of time.

Much like Potsy’s life had felt…missed.  Missed opportunities.  He would go home each night and fall asleep with two drained long neck bottles on the TV tray beside him while whatever hockey game played out in front of his closed eyelids.  His legs would be splayed out on the ottoman in front of him as he snored on his armchair.  It was tradition that he would wake at two am as Bill would arrive home from work.  Each night Potsy would mumble something about going to his double bed that was either half-full or half-empty, he could never decide, before stumbling to his bedroom and collapsing on the mattress.

The only unusual thing about Potsy was his name.  Regardless of the fact he hated the nickname, he still kept it.

A week ago, Bill had surprised him with two things.  First, tickets to see the newest rendition of Les Miserable playing at the Royal Alex on King Street West on Saturday night.  Potsy loved Les Mis.  He had seen it as a teen with his first girlfriend, Linda.  First memory of the show was always him calling for the tickets so he could take Linda for her birthday and asking the operator, “Is it in French?”  The second surprise Bill had for Potsy was that he had dates for them both.  They would be taking Mary, whom Bill had been dating for a month, and her friend Tammy.

Potsy figured he would enjoy a different type of evening, so he agreed.  He was disappointed on the Saturday upon meeting Tammy, however, in that she was a Barbie-doll type who looked exactly like his ex-wife.  Until the homeless guy getting hit by the bus, this was the only real disappointment of the evening.

Lilly’s breath began to stir an erection from him, which brought him back to reality.

Potsy debated trying to move her away so this would not continue, or just letting her sleep.  The shock of the shaft of his erection planting itself directly against her lips as it grew, however, almost made him jump.  This was the first time he had experienced such, as most nights Lilly was not quite this close.

Lilly drifted awake, however, from the touch.  “I’m sorry, sire,” she said with a breathy voice.  Her hand grasped his length with only the intention of her shifting her head away and not hurting him.

Potsy put his hand on the back of her head.  “Please, don’t move,” he whispered.

Lilly released his shaft and did as instructed…for the most part.  She began with but a soft kiss on his low shaft, right above the pubic hair.

He sighed and found his fingers now matted in her curls, pulling slightly as his fingers brushed her scalp.

Getting the idea, Lilly returned her hand to pull his erection closer and ran her tongue along it.

Potsy shifted his left leg to spread them further.

Lilly’s hand drifted down to his balls and massaged lightly.

His leg shift, however, also caused Gem to stir.  Her eyes fluttered open just in time to see Lilly raise her head from his hip and take his cock into her mouth.  It took Gem a moment to completely fathom what she was watching, but soon a smile appeared on her lips.  She turned her lips to Potsy and kissed his cheek.  “Good morning, sire.”  Her eyes gestured towards Lilly.  “It’s about time, sunshine.”

Potsy smiled back and kissed her full on the lips.

Lilly took his entire length into her mouth a little too far as it brought a brief gag.

A knock at the door had Gem sitting up, the silk sheet falling from her naked chest showing pink nipples on her tiny bosom.  “Come in!”

“What?” Potsy tried to sit up.

Lilly’s hand was on his chest as she continued to suck and with surprising strength held him down.

The bedroom door cracked open and Gregor walked in.  “Good morning, sire.  Ladies.”  He nodded to each in turn.

Lilly continued unabated.

Gem smiled and lay back down to snuggle into Potsy.  “Good morning, Gregor.”

Potsy was fascinated by how the old man walked in and did not seem at all shocked by the scene.

“Busy day today, sire.  We have had a contact come home, it seems.”

Lilly finally stopped sucking and sat back before shifting up beside Potsy for her own snuggle.

Gem grasped his erection, flashed Lilly a quick smile, and then got on her knees and straddled him.  Her hand guided him between her legs and pulled him inside her warmth.

Potsy grunted.

Gregor glanced at the scene.  “I’m sorry, sire.  Am I making this awkward?”

Potsy barely heard him.

Lilly giggled.  “Give us a minute, Gregor.”  She winked at the old man.  “Took us four nights to get this far.”

Gregor sat in his bedside armchair and pulled a notebook from inside his jacket.  He started scribbling down some notes.

Potsy groaned with the pleasure of Gem’s tight pussy engulfing him.

“Hopefully we will have an heir soon.”

Lilly kissed Potsy and pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Potsy’s orgasmic scream was muffled by Lilly’s mouth as his cum filled Gem.  His hands grasped her hips as he drove into her until he had completely pushed out all of the cum.

Gem lay down on his belly and kissed his chest.  She glanced over at Gregor and said, “An heir would be nice soon, but hopefully not too soon.  That was fun and I want to do it again.”

Gregor chuckled and wrote down something else.

Lilly’s mouth released Potsy’s.  “See, sire.  We’re not ogres.”

Potsy laughed.  “I knew that,” he gasped at her still searching for breath.  After a few minutes, he finally calmed.  He looked at each woman and brushed a hand on both their cheeks.  “Can I ask a question?”

Both women looked bewildered by this question.

Gregor fell into a full belly laugh with this.  After a moment he finally caught enough breath between laughs and said, “Of course you can.  You’re king.”

Potsy rolled his eyes and laughed as well.  “Takes some getting used to.”

Gem sat back up on her knees with his now flaccid cock still inside her.  She patted his chest lightly.  “Seems to take some convincing, too.”

“Okay,” Potsy nodded.  “Why did King Carlton not have an heir?”

Gregor looked at the woman and no answer came at first.

Potsy continued, “Quite frankly, between both of you, I am amazed the guy could ever keep pants on.”

Gregor silenced Gem with a raised finger as she went to answer.  He then answered himself, “Truth is, sire, and neither concubine knew this but King Carlton was shooting blanks.”

Both women gasped.

“I had no idea,” Lilly protested.  “I thought…”

Gregor wagged his finger and brought her back to silence.

“Heir or not, our king cannot be sexually frustrated.  His mind must have that release in order to keep at peace for other things.”

Gem turned to Gregor.  “We will have words about this later.”

The old man shrugged.  “I know we will.”

Gem sighed again, however, feeling Potsy’s penis starting to harden again.  “Another round, sire?  Seems as though you may be ready.”

Lilly got up on her knees and planted a hard wet kiss on Gem before pleading, “My turn?”

Gem lifted her leg off of Potsy and allowed Lilly to mount him.


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