1. kazigrrl

    As I’ve mentioned before, I am part French Canadian, so I get the “hoser” reference…
    You have so many brilliant characters to draw from… this neophyte submits to you 🙂
    And hopes that you will continue…

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. *deep sigh…. So many fucking great,… and great fucking…. pieces listed here but I do have my top favourites. ‘She who hesitates’ remains to this day as my favourite piece of your writing. I loved it the first moment I read it and I still love it now. You also list my other 2 favs… ‘Summer Storm’ and ‘I am her Captain’

    I understand about the images not being your thing… but I hope you will come by to Sinful Sunday now and then… the world needs to see those beautiful blue eyes on occasion and I fairly sure that the new Wicked Wednesday over at Rebel’s Notes will tickle you fancy.

    Oh and one day I still hope to wander into my local bookshop and purchase something with your name on it… it remains my firm belief that you have it in you to get published.


  3. WOW! Almost 570 posts in 18 months? We’ve been blogging just shy of four years and we’re not quite to 500. We admire your pace.

    We’re relatively new to Wanton Wednesday, our final post being only our eighteenth. As we participate in a couple different photo memes (as well as a couple weekly photo features that are solely ours), Wanton Wednesday was our place to post a piece of short erotic fiction, or a reflection on a memorable experience we enjoyed. It was nice having an established community with which to share these posts.

    Like Rebel, we are going to have to get caught up with your previous Wanton Wednesday posts!

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