1. kazigrrl

    Haha! but sometimes it does…

    I find that courtship is certainly sped up the older one gets (not that I’ve experienced first -date rush, but close)!

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. Fuck yes… and more… do it! I have never ever regretted any of my 1st date fucks. You and I have similar minds I think… I have sat through many first dates just wondering about when it would be OK to make is more obvious. Sometimes it has become apparent that the answer would be never as they are so dull, boring etc and sometimes, well sometimes you go on a date with someone who is wondering exactly the same thing! Fancy a date? 😉


  3. 1st dates, so much fun, so much promise, so much tension! The nerves, the glances….. oooh and that moment where best laid plans disappear out the window along with your knickers!
    Lily xxx

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