Author’s note:  I would like to credit my friend, Penelope Jones, for writing Talon’s descriptive dialogue in this story.  Find her writing here

Talon sipped red wine as the bubbles lapped at her shoulders. Her eyes oozed mischievousness as they watched her partner in the tub. “The foreplay was over and my pussy was wet. I ached for his ferocious fuck stick.”

Joe sipped his beer. “Fuck stick? You writing erotica now?” His salt and pepper hair was flat with the bath steam. His muscled shoulders were above the tub as each arm rested atop of either side.

“Shut the fuck up,” she said with a sly grin. Water sloshed as she playfully kicked his shoulder.

“Don’t make me spill my beer.”

Her blue eyes gazed at him. “Jason hovered over me like I was his prey, and I liked it. ‘Jason… please fuck me tonight.'”

“No hockey mask?”

Both their faces danced in the flickering candlelight.

Talon laughed and the reflection candlelight blazed from her blue eyes. Her wet brunette hair slipped down her back against the side of the tub. “No hockey mask, fucker.”

“I’m not a fucker at the moment.”  He winked.  “If things change, I will happily be.”

Eyes rolled at this. Talon’s voice dropped low and sultry. “Watch out I was feeling frisky, and Jason knew when I talked dirty it meant I needed it rough, dirty, and no excuses.”

“Mmmmmm,” Joe hummed his approval with another slosh of beer. “Dirtier the better.”

Talon stopped for another sip of her wine. “’You’re such a bad girl, Talon.’, he told me. His lips crashed down into mine just as my thighs were parted, my knees bent, and my ankles found a home on his shoulders. I was folded into a pretzel like position, and I felt his cock probing my slit, my very hot juicy slit.”

A whistle escaped his lips. “Flexible is good.”

“Oh really?”

“Means I can get you into tight spaces.”

Talon waved her hand at him causing a light wave in the bubbles.  “’I’m your dirty girl… fuck me Daddy,’ I said breathlessly just as the kiss was broken. His dark brown eyes bore down into my very soul, and I shivered with anticipation.”

Joe blinked, his attention completely on her.

The jets turned on as their automatic overlord commanded. The large tub was cream coloured against dark walls that, although brown, looked black in nothing but flickering candlelight.

“Slowly the head of his cock began to break the surface, and my lips parted with a loud whimper.”

“Ha! Your pussy whimpers?”

Talon cocked her head and her hand shot a splash across at him. Sitting up straight, her hands disappeared under the water. Her erect nipples made an appearance above the water as she moved. Her breasts were not big, but she knew how to use them.

Joe gasped when he felt her fingers wrap around him.

The sly smile returned and the water stirred slightly with her hands stroking beneath the surface. “He grunted out, ‘You’re so fucking tight…’ The process was just as torturous for him, but he loved the sweet agonizing pain that filled my face when I finally felt the very last inch of him slamming down into me. My pussy walls instantly tightening around him, my back arced, and I mewled my apparently need and want of him.”

Joe sighed and shifted to get more comfortable sending a slight wave through the water.  His chin dipped just slightly below the water.

“There’s nothing like being filled to the brim with a huge cock, and the real thing’s a must.” The water gave a slight splash as she grasped his erection tight for emphasis. Shifting, she slipped onto her knees and straddled him. Her hand still holding him, she slid her pussy lips along his length without letting him in. “The emotional connection, as well as the warmth of his body I need like I needed air. I craved him.. All those factors make first penetration so explosive. Cock feels like it invades a very tight space, but at the same time it is invited and welcomed. Once fully inside me, I don’t ever want it to stop. I need him to fuck me until I can’t walk straight.”

“Wow,” Joe gasped as his erection finally slipped inside Talon.  “The real thing?  As opposed to what, a dildo?”

“It is mind-fucking-blowing!” Talon exclaimed before her own lips crashed down on Joe’s. Her hard nipples found their way to his lips.


Talon and Joe both turned to the voice.  The candles on the bathroom counter caused both of their eyes to take a moment to adjust.

Liza had her black hair tied off in a ponytail and hung over her left shoulder. Her black eyes had the combination slant and round that went with her South Asia heritage. She wore only a pink-ish shoulder cover that was sheer and opened revealing all of her naked skin, which gave off an orange hue in the candlelight.

“Damn, sorry hun.” Joe pushed Talon off him. “I don’t know what we were think…”

“You fucking bastard!” She folded her arms and gave a very intimidating look with her six-foot frame.

“I just asked her how she enjoyed fucking Jason.”

“I bet you did,” Liza glared at him.

Talon laughed. “Would you two fucking knock it off and get in here so we can fuck your husband? I’m horny.”

Liza’s frown quickly flushed into a grin.  “Thought you’d never ask.”


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