Stranded’s Awesome: The Retro of Duncan Sheik

In a bit of an 80s mood tonight…then again, when it comes to music, when am I not in an 80s mood?  In fact, I’m in such a retro frame of mind tonight, I figured that I’d even drag back out the old “Awesome” posts that I have not added to since last summer.

I have a picture…pinned to my wall…an image of you and of me and we’re laughing and loving it all…

Think this particular collection of cover versions is the best album I found in 2011…Duncan Sheik covering some of the great 80s tunes that I went through my teen years with…

In violent times…you shouldn’t have to sell your soul…

Hearing Duncan take these tunes in a much less electronic version than the originals give them a real different feel as well.  The fact that he has also worked with another of my favorite musicians, Howard Jones…well, that just made him the perfect choice to do this project.

Does anybody love anybody anyway?

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