Night Moves


Currently sitting on a couch by the window in my girlfriend’s condo.

Of in the distance us the Gardner Expressway that heads west from here, aground the Golden Horseshoe to Niagara and across the border into New York.

It is a fascinating view for one, such add myself, that is used to suburbia.

The traffic never stops. There is constant movement and no rest.

What is so important? Why is there no rest?

Considering how we all need rest, could you imagine what it would be like?

Now, the highway I am watching is concrete…but knowing that the stresses and strain on that structure never lets up…ever…it is a bit frightening.

Not only thinking of the physical properties of the bridge, but in the psychology of what it does to or society.

Were it simply family cars traveling to and from family events, that would be one thing..being semi trucks have passed, however…it means business rules every hour of every day of every year…and so on.

What is this mystical business that keeps going whether or not we are awake?

Were it health related…I would get that…but being my background is in building materials…when did it become life and death that someone gets their wood tomorrow?

These are the thoughts that keep me from complaining when a store runs out of an item.

It it’s still a beautiful view, though.

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