One Last Quick Look

Air raid sirens wailed.

“We have five minutes.”  She bit her lower lip and looked at the approaching clouds.  Brunette curls blew behind her in search of the blue sky behind them.  Her white blouse ruffled in the breeze.

“Five minutes?  That’s it?”  He shifted his weight from one foot to the other and the rooftop gravel crunched.

“With current wind, I figure that’s about it.”  Her gaze shifted to the tall man and eyed him head to toe.  “All depends on where the missile comes down.”

“Who are you, the weather man?…er …woman?”  His eyes met her green ones briefly and he recognized her.

“Meteorologist, yes.”

“Channel Six?  Cyndi Reagen?”

She nodded.  “And you are?”

“Bruce Wayne.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Actually, that is my name.”  He pulled out his wallet, slipped the driver’s licence and showed the awful picture.

“Wow, so you are.  Well, Bruce, we should fuck.”

Bruce almost slipped.  “We should fuck?”

“Well, we’re on a roof.”


“You’re Batman.  Believe me, you look the part with those massive shoulders.”

His eyes rolled upwards.  “Okay?”

“Nice crisp black suit, too.  Red power tie.”  Her gaze shifted back to the cloud.


“And we’re going to die anyway.”

His eyes shifted back to the cloud as well.  “Yeah, I suppose we are.”

Her hand was on his zipper and tugging before he could object.  Dropping to her slim body to knees with painful gravel crunching beneath her, she pulled his quickly forming erection from his fly.

“Wait a minute, I don’t even…”

“Shut the fuck up.”  Her tongue flashed out and licked from the base of his penis to the tip before sucking it in.

“…have a condom,” he finished.

She laughed with his cock in her mouth.

“Good point.”

So they fucked…

After a few minutes of her on her knees, Bruce picked her up and lay her on the rooftop air conditioner.  Pushing her navy skirt up and he crouched between her legs.  His tongue quickly had her wet…so wet she was dripping.  Pulling her back to her feet he turned her around and bent her over on the AC.

Cyndi screamed out as the cock slipped into her.  Thrusting back, they made smacking noises as they hammered together hard enough to bruise her ass.

“How long we got?” Bruce asked mid thrust.

Cyndi looked over towards the incoming cloud.

There was a hollow sounding thump followed by one blinding flash before the mushroom cloud blossomed.

Bruce cried out in pain as his sight was no more.

“Thirty seconds.”

Pulling out, he spun her back around, lay her on the AC, and thrust back inside.  He then kissed her deeply with wide painful unseeing eyes.

The final memory that Cyndi and Bruce shared was their last orgasms just as the radioactive cloud rolled in.

No one found their intertwined bodies as the breeze carried away the ashes that were left of them…then again, there was no one left to find them.

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