Into Darkness

Viva shivered. Her slim naked body remained erect upon her knees. Voices of some mingling in the room moved past her, but the blindfold kept her from seeing anything but darkness.

With the dim lighting in the room, even the corners of the blindfold offered no clues.

Her toes felt the wooden floor and her knees were comforted on a cushion.

She had carpooled here with Markus Phipps, one of the other party regulars.  The group had been meeting for years and tonight’s hosts, relative newbies Timothy and Greta Vincent, greeted them with smiles.  Timothy had taken Markus into one room while Greta quickly ushered Viva up the stairs and into one of the five bedrooms.

The house was gargantuan.  It was built as a southern farmstead mansion, which was odd in such a northern climate.  The red bricks were accented by Accoya woodwork and decking that wrapped around the house under the veranda.

This was new, however…Viva at a play party not five minutes in and alone in a bedroom.  A quick glance around, her black skirt rising with her playful spin, and she saw a note and her equipment on the twin bed with the Darth Vader sheets.  The equipment was a black blindfold, bejeweled with gold sparkling plastic rocks, and a black leather collar with a gold D-ring.  The note said:

Thank you for coming to our party.  At 8pm, your escort will knock twice before opening the door.  Be seated on the bed in only the equipment provided.  Silence until equipment is removed, please.  Have fun!  – Timothy and Greta

A small clock on the bedside table provided a time check leaving Viva with twenty minutes to prepare.  She undressed, as instructed.  A little disappointed she did not get to wear her new stockings while riding Markus this evening, but that quickly subsided with the excitement of what surprises were in the works this evening.

All prepared, Viva sat on the bed and waited with the blindfold up on her forehead.

The clock clicked to 7:56 as footsteps came up the stairs.  A soft knock followed on one of the other doors in the hall.  At 7:58 it happened a second time.

At 8:00, Viva heard her knock and gently pulled the blindfold down.  She listened to the click of the door knob before footsteps entered.

Markus’ powerful voice said softly, “Stand.”  His voice always gave people the impression of power.  Many felt he sounded like Avery Brooks. Markus, being small and pale, always found the comparison humorous.

Viva stood and felt his hand on her elbow to lead her.

“Stairs, twelve steps,” Markus said, and continued to lead her down.

A quick turn left on the bottom landing and Viva tried not to smile with the realization of where she was being taken. Another left turn followed after about twenty steps.

“Stairs, thirteen steps.”

She felt the stone steps coolness under her bare feet.

Old and unique as this house was, Timothy had designed the basement into a dungeon torture chamber and play area for parties such as this.  He had suspension chains and even a St. Andrews Cross permanently built-in.

The warmth of the fireplace bathed her and, from the corner of the blindfold she could see flashes of the orange light.


Two strong arms, Markus’ she assumed, slipped around her and helped lower her onto the pillow where she now waited patiently.

A few voices hushed until the music began to play.

The music was just loud enough to mute any movement…

…but Viva felt the warmth of a body near.  Then she felt the tip nuzzle against the lips she had painstakingly painted red earlier.  Opening her mouth, the length of an erection push in.  Without thinking, her hands joined her lips and caressed the cock…and the balls…licking, sucking and stroking until it tensed.  Clamping her lips over the head, she heard a groan…Markus again, she believed…and felt the cum explode into her mouth…Markus, she was now sure, by the taste.

The cock pulled back and vanished into the darkness…only until a second again pushed at her lips.

She opened to allow it…this time shorter and thicker.  Andrew Benson, one of the other party regulars, Viva thought more from the slight fragrance of cigar tobacco.  She repeated her actions until his cum was in her mouth as well.  A slight lightness in her belly at the turn on of Andrew’s wife, Nancy, watching this.

The next cock was Travis Michaels, without a doubt.  Of all the attendees at these, Travis was the longest cock. As well, thanks to a first-year university friends-with-benefits relationship, he was the man in the room she was most familiar with. His taste was unmistakable even before his cum flowed into her mouth.

A female giggled beside her, surprisingly close causing Viva’s head to turn.

This, in turn, caused the next cock to hit Viva’s cheek. Viva giggled, turning to accept it.  This cock was unfamiliar to Viva.  Marshall and Emily Brass were the Vincent’s special guests at this party, so it was a good assumption that this cock was Little Marshall.  Hardly little, however, as Viva nearly gagged on it.  She coaxed it, however, and it poured its cum into her throat much deeper than the others had.

Another male groan, not from her current partner and from the other side of Viva than the giggle had come.

The last cock, by process of elimination, was Kermit Smythe…erotic writer…and boy toy of Viva’s best friend and doctor, Ever Hunter.  Kermit’s cock was not a bad size either, but Viva had experience with this one…even deep throating it until it also provided cum into the mixture.

Markus’ hands returned and peeled off the blindfold.  Crouched behind Viva he whispered, “Hope you enjoyed that.”

Viva’s eyes quickly took in the other men, all standing naked from the waist down.  Seeing the size of Marshall Brass’ cock held her gaze for a moment longer than the others and she felt her mouth water.  Glancing side to side, the other four women were in the same state as she…Markus moving between to remove each blindfold.

The men applauded…and cunnilingus to each was offered as a reward…then the party really started.

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