Author’s note:  This is part four of Adventures of Jamie, a series that will finish with two further parts this coming week that have already been completed.  Jamie has been a tough one to write as she puts my libido into overdrive…and the intensity is why I am limiting this series.  Some of this has gone quite dark…although not this one to the same degree.  However, parts 5 and 6 definitely go to a very dark place with, what I think is an ending Monty Python would be proud of that will hopefully bring a nice surprise for my regular readers…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

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How the hell did I get here? Jamie’s stockings were the color of midnight and were very high on her thighs. The black pumps she wore had almost fallen off when she locked her ankles around Thomas. Her brunette curls had half fallen from the pony tail she had started the day with and was now spreading over the shoulders of her dark green sweater. Her black skirt was hitched up enough that butt cheeks were visible to passersby.

Luckily there had been no passersby so far.

Her hands were braced behind her head to keep from smacking against the building’s dark-red brick. With Thomas’ continual thrusts, this was not an easy task.

Thomas had his grey surfer shorts down to mid-thigh so his ass was free to be seen…as were his balls with his legs spread far enough to see them. His Black Sabbath concert T-shirt was and stained with sweat…though with it being dusk and the T-shirt black in itself, it was hard to see. His brunette hair was spiked and not moving from two inches above his head.

He went to college nearby, his residence just one block over…and for him Jamie would become the legendary milf that had once picked him up at a Starbucks and fucked him in the alley. All his friends would know the story and one day he would produce a porn film based on the very premise that would fail for simply having too much plot and well written dialogue that would get in the way of the sex. After figuring thus out, he would later win an Oscar…but that was a long way out yet and well after he would flunk out of pre-law.

Both his hands cupped her ass, holding her up against the wall as he just pounded…no deviation at all. Very strong, but just simple in and out.

Jamie bounced.

Thomas climaxed.

Jamie rolled her eyes. She enjoyed the younger guys, but there the lack of experience was evident. Twice Thomas had referred to her as a milf and twice she had failed to pint out that she had no children.

It had been two years since the hockey players…well since the first time with the hockey players.  Not that one of those players had been traded from the Oklahoma Vigilantes to the Saskatoon Dawgs, she saw more fun with them.  She had many an adventure during that time…in fact, her writing had become infused with stories that really were based upon the real life she had been enjoying.

Putting her feet back on the ground, she quickly straightened her skirt and it dropped back to her knees.

He began to pull up his briefs and shorts.

Neither spoke as Jamie walked away, down to the mouth of the alley where she waved down a cab.

She sat in the back if the taxi and pulled out her phone. She had some great adventures during Brad’s business trips over the past few years, but young Thomas would not be remembered as one.

A text was waiting for her as the screen woke to her touch.

It was from the guy at the hotel…same place as always, and she grinned with thoughts of what she would do with the $1200 he would pay her.

It read: “In town tomorrow night. Call up for instructions and room number when you arrive.”

This guy had been a random meet on a streetcar after she was headed home from a threesome with her friend Kirsten and bar-owner Vince…now husband and wife.  Although the hockey players had truly begun Jamie’s erotic adventures, Kirsten and Vince were the ones that pushed her into full throttle on seeking out more.  She had met this guy and he, thinking she was a hooker because of her look, invited her back to his hotel room.

Now, two years later, he still thought she was a high-priced call girl.  This would be the eighth or ninth time…Jamie had lost track…he had called upon her.  Due to Jamie’s husband Brad being home she had to cancel a couple of times, or it would be closer to twelve times.  The only thing unusual about today’s request was that he gave her no instructions on how he wanted her dressed.

As luck had it, Brad was off on another business trip and likely getting blown by one of his colleagues.  Jamie was not convinced that the colleague Brad played with was a girl…but they had discussed it.  If anything that discussion, more than a year ago now, was more of accepting that their relationship as an open one, with neither outright admitting that either had initially cheated before discussing this.  One day, however, Jamie still fantasized about enjoying a threesome with Brad involved.

The next evening, she was in a black hip hugging skirt to her knees that showed off plenty of curve.  Her stockings were new and black.  She topped it off with a red boat-neck sweater and black pumps. Although, the black lingerie beneath would likely have more visual time than any of the rest, knowing this guy.

Arriving at the hotel, she texted.

“Room 3042,” was the only response.

Thirty floors up on the elevator she went and knocked.

As always, he greeted her with a smile and an envelope.  His T-shirt was dark grey over blue jeans and his signature black rim glasses were already falling down his nose.  “Hey, beautiful, how are you?”

Without checking, she slipped the envelope into her purse.  She hugged and gave him a long kiss where their tongues exchanged pleasantries.  “I’m great…and horny as fuck.”

His smile widened.  “Could I ask a favor?”

This was new but seemed innocent enough.  “Of course.”

He lifted the ice bucket off the cabinet from beside the television.  “We need some ice.”

“Where is…?”

“Down the hall, past the elevator, and first alcove on the right.  You’ll hear it.”

…and she did hear it as soon as she passed the elevator.  The crash of new ice being made by the machine was unmistakable.  Stepping into the alcove she opened the door and went for the scoop…the hands that grabbed her hips, however, she had not heard.  A stifled scream as she turned and saw him above her.

Ice spilled to the floor as he kissed her deeply against the machine.  He then brought her firmly to the ground where he made a meal of her.  First her throat as he went for the hollow of her.

Jamie moaned, enjoying the sensation and thrill of maybe being caught.  On her back as he went down, she glanced around and saw the security camera in the upper corner of the room.

He lifted her skirt and proceeded to rip her panties.

Damn, those weren’t cheap, Jamie thought.  Tonight’s money, it seemed, would be providing new underwear.  This thought was washed away as his tongue pushed into her…and she did love his tongue work.  A new sensation, however, took her quickly…a cold sensation as she felt him working her pussy lips with an ice-cube.  “Oh fuck me,” she whimpered.

“Of course I will,” he answered with a chuckle.  He picked up a new ice-cube and simply pushed it inside of her…and with one very smooth maneuver, his erection followed it in.

It occurred to Jamie that she had not even heard his jeans unzip…of course, she had been distracted, somewhat, by the cold play.  Feeling a cold erection inside her was very unusual.

He repeated, pulling out of her to stuff more ice in her pussy and then pushing back in.

She felt the cool water slipping from her pussy as they fucked.  Raising her hips to his thrusts, they were soon making a slapping sound together.  Biting down on his shoulder, she muffled her orgasm.

He pulled out and came over top of her pussy, stroking every last drop out until he was dry…and she was soaked.

“How did no security come up?” she asked, as she sat up and nodded at the cam above.

He chuckled.  “A can of spray paint is a wonderful thing.”

They quickly made their way back to the hotel room with a full bucket of ice, and cool water still running down Jamie’s thighs.

Another surprise awaited at the room for her.  “Knowing what I had planned,” he said, “I guessed at sizes.”

Her eyes widened looking at the new little black dress, stockings and lingerie he had laid out for her on the bed.  The cherry on top, however, were the thigh high boots he also had on the floor beside the bed.

“I cheated on the boots.  Last time you were here I checked your shoes for size.”

She laughed and held the dress up to her.

“If it is wrong, I have a gift receipt for you. Oh, and don’t forget the bathing suit.”  He pulled out the bikini from his suitcase.

“But I don’t swim?” Jamie mock chastised.

He shrugged.  “I want to fuck you in the hotel hot tub before you leave…there, however, we can’t be completely naked.”

She nodded and, later in the hot tub…as her chest was bent over the side so he could take her from behind she was amazed that there were no security cams and they had the place to themselves.  How the hell did I get here?

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