by Joseph NicoliaHowever, thanks to the aptly named Koboggedon…or the censoring of all self-published erotica which has apparently been extended to the entire self-published indie library by Kobo…this plan quickly altered this week.

So the fact I was going to announce the dates of three separate self-published novels now seems moot.

All due respect to Kindle that has not taken the drastic tact of Kobo and WH Smith…and my material was planned to fly on the friendly skies of Kindle…now there are too many questions as the self-publishing industry moves away from indie writers.

With 20% of the UK eBook market being self-published materials…one might suggest a conspiracy that the big publishing houses are losing too much market share and this manufactured controversy is but an excuse to take self-publishing out.

The more likely scenario is that this is simply a poorly planned over reaction that could quickly be resolved with a “taboo” division within the eReaders that would keep erotica from the random eyes that do not want to see it.

Until that is resolved, however……plan B.

What is plan B? Does anyone know?

Well, here was the initial plan that @strandedgf, my marketing goddess, and I had concocted. Being this was all originally written last Saturday before Koboggedon came down, it is left as initially drafted:

DATELINE LATE NOVEMBER…okay, perhaps this is too vague. How about NOVEMBER 22…ish?, 2013: Stranded’s Short Stories
Either way I am pleased to announce my first Kindle release. It will begin with a collection of my short stories, some of which have graced the pages of this website…while others have been the equivalent of taking a flogger to it. Assuming my marketing guru @strandedgf and I figure the ins and outs of Kindle publishing, it shall come to pass.

No title yet…was thinking of WTF? but I suspect that is not original enough.

Speaking of digressing, as I write this I am sitting in a coffee shop listening to a conversation at the next table about how the Bible needs to be shared even more. My face is straight, so far.

Sorry…just wanted to share…

How about The Greatest Book That Should Not Have Been Written?

No, probably not.

Wait, I have it! Legend-wait for it…

Oh yeah, that will not work either.

DATELINE JANUARY 1, 2014: Infinite Monkey
The first part of the Monkey will be unleashed, if all goes according to plan, New Years Day…of course then we will discover that Kindle is closed for holiday or something, but this is the plan.

DATELINE AFTER THAT: Book One of the Savannah Quadrilogy
See! I told you she would be back. This is a project that will be nearly a year old as the first of four will hit Kindle…thus Quadrilogy…came up with that one myself.

Well, that was the plan. Now, it is back to the planning as we look for another way to do this.

This is not the happy announcement that was initially planned. It is all rather upsetting, actually. Every time we seem to move toward a more liberated view on things, there always seems to be some reason we must fall back…..

“I will not sacrifice the Enterprise. We’ve made too many compromises already; too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!”
– Captain Jean Luc Picard, Start Trek First Contact

At one time all authors would be, by today’s standards, independents…so unfortunate that we now allow faceless, lifeless corporations to decide what can and cannot be published simply based on their bottom line and political pressure from what was once the moral majority…of which I now suggest had become quite the minority creating this squeaky wheel holding us all back.

One glimmer of hope, however, happened today at Eroticon USA.

Before we get to that, Eroticon was a wonderful day…not fully over as we have a brunch closing tomorrow morning before flying back home to prepare the igloo for the coming winter.

We had wonderful speakers.  The sessions I attended included Molly from Molly’s Daily Kiss, Jade from Kinky and Poly, Aisling Weaver of, Jincey Lumpkin of Juicy Pink Box, Debra Hyde of, Lauralyn Brickhouse of The Big Ugly, and Ruby Kiddell…the woman who is the head of the Eroticon events… of Erotic Notebook.

Rather than drag through further details here, a few of us live tweeted the evening using the hashtag #eroticonUSA.

As for what happened today I cannot say specifics yet, but it has given a potential direction.

As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. Oh my, so bitter sweet eh?

    It is interesting you suggest a a conspiracy with regards to the big publishing houses. I thought the same thing and to be honest I believe there is some truth in this. If not a conspiracy as such but certainly a happy ‘windfall’ for those companies and an increase in their power to ‘manage’ what we read.

    I hope you find a solution though… silencing the Stranded, can not be allowed to happen 😉


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