1. I love that it is simple…. I think it is all the more powerful for being so… and I agree with Rebel, I vote for number 6. I am on number 3 and already looking forward to number 4


  2. Gorgeous, love the new ink (and the other ones as well) *giggles at the 42* I really need to think of what I would want as a tattoo, I’m still without ink but I’ve been wanting one for years and years now!

  3. jemima2013

    love it, I like getting tatooed, and have more planned…hopeully my christimas present to myself will be the start of the next one. I think if you should certainly plan number 6 🙂

  4. I love the pic being both pain and pleasure! I am dying to get a tattoo, actually have several in mind. My Master is going to design mine! I can’t wait! He has several tattoos and we’ve talked about matching, too.

  5. Love your tat. No ink for me, but my daughter had her septum pierced yesterday for her birthday which I did not watch LOL Like I told her it’s your body and if it makes you happy go for it. After all you only live once…

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