Revealing First Lines: 2013 Review

Found a wonderful idea from my friend Jade’s site…I do not do normal yearly retrospectives, so this gives me a somewhat unique way to try it.

First, allow me to start by saying that 2013 was the best year for 95% of what happened. Being my first anniversary with my fiancée, @strandedGF is January 6, I suspect that explains a lot of why. The arthritis that seems to be developing in my ankles accounts for most of the 5%.

Of course, in normal fashion, I could not do this for January 1st…and now for the excuses why.

  1. 1. I had to be different…in the words of Han Solo (please search for #FestiveStarWars)
  2. 2. We had all four kids through most of the holiday season, so we were a touch busy. Watching my two daughters, now teens, and @strandedGF’s son and daughter evolve over the last year leaves me in awe of where we started.

I’m sorry…I digress…and yes, I do that often.

The idea is to take one post from each month in 2013, and use the opening line here as a look back…being most of my posts are fiction pieces, this could be very different. So without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, here we go…

For each post I will offer the attached picture that was used, so click on those for the full link.

me 2 by BakeSaleHottie
At Brat’s End, January 1, 2013

“We thought it was time.”

This piece was to supposedly close the book on all my 2012 fictional characters where I brought most of them together from Cliff to the Brat.

Comeme by Anjelkaido
Cunnilingus…It’s What’s for Breakfast, February 2, 2013

As I woke, the want overtook me quickly.

I suspect this post is rather self-explanatory as to where my head was that day.

dark alley by renee_mcgurk
It Happened in Pittsburgh, March 1, 2013

Amy’s black PVC boots came well up her thighs and squeaked slightly as she shifted.

This post was, initially, meant to start a new set that never really happened…yet. A new series called Amy’s Boots is currently in my draft folders and will likely include a rewrite of this one.

beer bottles by Sarah-Rose
N.P.S.I., April 2, 2013

“N.P.S.I. level is up tonight, Moose.”

Truth be told, I had forgotten what N.P.S.I. stood for as I looked at this one. Masque of Viva was a series I had stronger hopes for, but it never really worked as I liked. This post, however, Nerds Per Square Inch, also spawned a couple of more geeky series after it.

key by Brenda Clarke
Swinging for Wednesday Word, May 1, 2013



  1. Lively, exciting, and fashionable.
  2. Sexually liberated or promiscuous.

This was part of my short-run Wednesday Word series, a series that helped me try to explore some of the kink-world terms with a bit of humor. Every once in a while I may add further to this set yet, but only time will tell.

Photo by Rachel K
Storm Over Savannah, June 4, 2013

“Hail to the queen of the masquerade ball,” Savannah said to the wind and raised the beer can to her lips. “I hate this job.”

Savannah…I’ve spoken of her often as the first book is complete and will be interesting to see what happens with her next. She is the queen of all my fictional characters…well, so far.

CRJ900 by Adrian Pingstone
First Orgasm, July 2, 2013

She awoke in the cargo hold of the 747. Her transport was gone, having disintegrated as it was designed to do, and she lay naked on the deck.

Again, that love affair with Savannah and I…what can I say, for four months solid I wrote 1000-1500 word stories on her each week. This was part six and was actually written when I was in Savannah, Georgia on business.

Photo by beth darbyshire
Now You Don’t…, August 2, 2013

“There are certain advantages to being invisible.”

The Sneaker was another a new attempt at a series that just did not work for me after I did the first. It was supposed to be an erotic series based upon an invisible man…perhaps something for a future A Darker Flame prompt, however.

Photo by Fred Rockwood
Isn’t It Awfully Nice To Have A Penis, September 1, 2013

It was tempting to post for The Penis Project a certain video and to use it as part of my fictional Songbirds series…but that would not do the meme justice.

Again, self-explanatory as this was a post to join in on The Penis Project that I had some fun with.

by Maria Georgieva
Lapped, October 1, 2013

“Do Not Put Garbage Here,” was scrawled on the fence in white paint that nearly flowed in the evening’s darkness.

Lapped was a one-off…which I do not do often, but after nearly a year of The Fellatio Project, I offered it as my own version on how to write Fellatio. Speaking of The Fellatio Project, it has evolved into a new page on this site called #FocusOnFellatio. This particular piece was written one morning between work appointments as I took a Toronto back alley between destinations. If anyone wishes, I can show them the spot…just bring knee-pads.

Photo by @strandedGF
Fishy Ink, November 2, 2013

I was all ready with my normal story for Wicked Wednesday and then a rather major problem occurred…for starters, the story simply will not work in blog format.

November offered the premier of my newest ink. Had to fill in the spot between the Superman crest and 42…no?

Photo by Andreas Praefcke
Flying Through the Wind, December 1, 2013

Maria tugged on a rope and, as she had hoped, the curtain began to rise. The tiny brunette pulled harder and made it go up faster.

Finally, this was part of the Welcome To My Bubble series…one I was rather pleased with and a good way to end here.

So that’s it…and with the last picture being curtains, it seems oddly appropriate.

As always, thanks for reading, and Happy 2014…

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