Alice Over Night

Author’s note: Alice Over Night initially posted as a story of erotica in October of 2011. Went back over it and decided that, much as I enjoyed the story, it was in dire need of a re-write. This is the result:

Wine and Painting by marya erotica“I couldn’t wear that,” Alice said through her hands. With a pen dangling between her fingers, she made a weak attempt to cover her laugh.

Gina, the bride to be, held up a patch of clothing in front of her as the other three women cheered.

This tiny piece of cloth was part of modern-day lingerie, and Alice thought it to be hilarious. She sat to Gina’s right with a notepad in her lap to take down names of who gave each gift. Lowering her hands, she scribbled the details on this one.

Alice dusted off the black skirt that came down to a whisper above her stockinged left knee that crossed over her right. Her shoulder length dark brunette hair was a striking contrast to her pale skin. Her big round brown eyes under dark eyeliner glanced around the room at the other women. With how skinny and blonde they all were, each with blue eyes and perfect teeth, Alice thought it not surprising to be the only single one of left in the group.

“Are we done yet? Do we need more wine?” Gina’s question had a shrill with a giggle behind it.

Margret, the most petite of the women, jumped from her chair and ran to the suite bar fridge. Four more white bottles chilled inside and three red bottles laid on top.  She opened and pulled out a white with a screw top. Her long red dress came down to past her knees. She held up the bottle which brought a rousing cheer from the group.

Alice shivered. The word screw should never involve a wine bottle unless at a kinky party. Putting the pad beside her on the desk, she pulled her dark jacket tight around her and eyed tiny-Margret stumbling around to fill the glasses. The black, Alice thought, always helped her hide the curves and gave the impression of goth attitude.

Good thing none of these women planned to drive home tonight.

Alice dumped her wine into the trash bin behind her. She could not drink any more of this acidic brew, and the surrounding women had enough booze in them that none would notice amidst their laughing and gossiping.

A solid knocked at the door brought the group to a suspenseful silence.

“Are we expecting someone?” Gina asked.

Tammy, the tallest blonde, stood and walked to the door with her white bell-bottom slacks giving shape to skinny legs swishing beneath her. Her bottled tan offered the same shade of red as her sweater causing her white teeth to look odd when she smiled. “Yes, he’s here.” She opened the door. “Ladies, I give you Aziz.”

The man was massive and wore mystical black fabrics. Between his turban and face scarf, large round brown eyes peered at the women. His shirt was loose, but sleeveless and revealed broad muscular shoulders while his loose pants left much to the imagination.

More cheers greeted his first steps into the room.

Alice rolled her eyes, although she hoped this meant the number of sober people in the room had doubled. Being a party, and he was a fantasy, she allowed her eyes to explore him. Before long, she decided that he was the most beautiful creature she had ever seen as he moved in to take over the room with the grace of a panther. She got lost in him and jumped when the music began.

His danced fast and rhythmically to a beat of bass and drum. His boots danced about the floor in front of them with little sound as the women clapped and encouraged.

Alice thought him to be a Greek god.

Aziz started his way around the circle of women with Margret, giving a two-minute private dance before his shirt vanished. Then he moved to Tammy, another two minutes the boots disappeared. He gyrated for Linda next before the pants were gone. He then stepped to Gina in nothing more than his turban, face scarf, and tight black shorts. Knowing her to be the bride, he stayed there longer.

Alice began to assume she would be left out of this action. That ended, however, as she looked up into his face to find his eyes with fire in them and locked on her.

With no clothing change, he moved to Alice.

As he pushed closer, Alice felt self-conscious of how short her skirt seemed. In an attempt to pull it down further, her hands brushed against his muscled legs and his eyes widened further. She could not be sure, but she thought she sensed a smile beneath that scarf.

The song changed and slowed with a jazz tune. A female vocalist crooned with a piano and bass backing her.

To help encourage, all four of the women stood and continued their cheering.

Stepping behind Aziz, Gina grinded with him from the back. Her hands grabbed his ass and pushed him closer to Alice, offering giggles to suggest Gina found this all too funny. She stepped away but almost fell into Tammy’s arms which produced more laughter and cheering. Gina continued past in to get another wine bottle.

As Alice allowed her eyes to release his, they lowered. A natural and yet a stunning sensation went down her spine as she leveled her eyes at the obvious erection in his shorts. Playing along, she allowed her hands to reach up and grasp his ass, pulling him closer to where the tip of her nose brushed the tip of his erection through the fabric.

Tammy wanted more. She replaced Gina behind Aziz, grinding, to pushing him closer to Alice. So close that fabric-sheathed erection nuzzled against Alice’s cheek. Allowing him back further, Tammy’s hands slipped under the elastic of his shorts and pulled.

Gina gave a loud whoop as she celebrated her opening of another wine bottle. This activity distracted the other women in the room momentarily as Gina began to refill.

Alice, however, licked her lips with the massive erection mere centimeters away.

With a return to the moment and realization of now nudity in the room, this brought renewed cheers of encouragement from the women.

Alice blushed.

Aziz danced closer, and the bare tip of his penis touches the tip of her nose and then along her cheek.

The women cheer more.

Alice blushed even darker. With the cheers of encouragement, she gave the penis a quick kiss, like a peck on the cheek.

The knight’s right hand lowered and rested on Alice’s shoulder.  His left hand reached behind her head and matted into her hair, pulling it a little.

Alice opened her mouth in response to his hair pulling and, before she could complain, his cock inched into her mouth. She lost herself at the moment with the realization this cock was for her to play with. It was for her to devour. It was for her to demand service from it. She could no longer hear the cheering women as the tip of the erection danced against the back of her throat. She did not gag, but instead opened her throat and accepted him further.

The dance continued.

He fucked her face with a gentle rhythm until she pushed back against him. He bent over and kissed her through the scarf before kneeling with hands on her thighs as he pushed her black skirt up beyond the top of her stockings. He touched her flesh above the stockings and below her black panties before his fingers slipped under the panties and moved them aside.

Alice gasped as his fingertips brushing against her pussy lips when moving her panties.

The music changed to the band Heart, with Anne Wilson singing about all she wants to do is make love to you.

The other women got to their feet trying to get a better view of what the Aziz and Alice.

He pushed the scarf aside long enough to allow Alice to catch a brief sight of his tongue before it pushed into her pussy and danced more. His fingers parted her lips to allow his tongue pushed deeper.

Alice locked eyes with him, again.  For ten minutes, her pussy and clitoris screamed with pleasure from him while her lungs moaned their agreement.

Gina got to her knees behind Aziz and reached around to stroke his erection.

Undistracted, however, Aziz kept his eyes locked with Alice while he ate.

The surrounding women silenced the chatter and cheering.  No longer cheering.  Enjoying the unexpected voyeur treat. Gina backed off and sat behind him on the floor.

He stopped and stood. Taking Alice’s hands, he pulled her to stand, as well. With one hand on her hip, and the other holding her hand, he danced with her until turned around and she shielded his naked body from the women. He then put both hands on her hips and turned her around as he lowered himself into the chair.

A giggle escaped Alice with the thought that he now wanted a lap dance from her. She blushed even further as she his hands tugged at the skirt zipper in the back, releasing it to a pile on the floor beneath her. Looking at the other women, however, she sensed envy and hunger. Her curves, now on full display to these skinny women, were forgotten. Next, her panties dropped to the floor. His strong hands grasped her hips to pull her down onto him. The tip of his erection brushed her thigh before it pushed at her pussy lips. Alice’s nervous giggle turned into a loud moan as the massive cock opened her up and drove inside. She danced on top of him. The erection felt almost to her throat.

The other women cheered again.

His hands squeezed her ass and pulled her harder and faster.

Alice screamed as she fucked him to her orgasm.  Shivers and bucks took her until she could dance no more, collapsing back against him sweaty and out of breath.  Inside her, the erection convulsed, and his semen dripped from her legs.

More cheering from the women.

Aziz thanked Alice with one last deep kiss before he assisted her dismount.

He dressed, accepted a thick envelope from Tammy, and vanished.

Alice smiled all night…

12 years later…

Alice sipped her coffee and stared at the big brown eyes across the table at her.

He ate his cereal and smiled back.  “What?”

Alice smiled. “Nothing.  You ready?”

He nodded.  “Of course, I’m ready.”

She stood, picked up her mug and took it to the kitchen sink.

As he stood up, a question appeared on his face.  “Mom? What does dad look like?”

Her smile widened.

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