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Thigh High Boots by Adrian777Amy grabbed her breasts and massaged them.  Her hips grinding up into each of Bruce’s thrusts that came harder and harder as her legs squeezed him.  He slowed for just enough time to pull legs up over his shoulders so he could fold her like a pretzel and thrust even harder.

Her hands slipped away to his hips and pulled, wanting him even deeper. Her legs lifted, sheathed in thigh-high leather boots that were pressed against Bruce’s shoulders.

With the opportunity presented, Bruce could not resist.  His mouth found the nipples, each in turn, and he began by suckling them….his thrusts continuing, but slowing and much harder as his hips slapped against hers.  Then his teeth got jealous and began with her left nipple…biting and he pulled away, making her breast into more cone shaped than round.

Amy squealed with delight.

Releasing his prey, his tongue drifted between her cleavage to where his teeth found the other nipple and repeated…biting down and pulling.

Another squeal, and her hips lifted higher to allow him deeper, wanting him harder.

The music around them thumped, completely oblivious to the fact that the couple was ignoring its beat.

Sweat began to lock their bodies together as Bruce released the second nipple and his lips found hers instead. Thrusts became more fierce as he picked up his rhythm.

The increased power caused her to yelp with nearly every one of his beats. Her legs slipped off his shoulders and she wrapped the boots around him, locking at the ankles to pull harder.

Reaching behind her head, he grabbed a handful of hair and yanked.

Her orgasm was quick, and powerful, as his length hammered into her until she screamed.

Bruce kissed her with one more grin before his erection filled the condom with his semen.

“Dude,” John said tapping him on the shoulder.  “Can I have my girlfriend back now?”

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