Snow Stock by  EcatheMandy bent forward and lay her left hand flat against the wall for support. Her right hand reached back and began to pull her skirt up over her ass. Frigid wind dragged a shiver from her as the light snow found her naked ass above her stockings.

“Perfect,” Harris whispered. He inspected her ass, cocking his head to one side and reaching down to caress it. “I understand that you have been a bad girl this week. A real brat according to Grant.”

Snow clouds drifted overhead as they released their payload. For just one moment, the noon sun slipped into an opening and offered a hint of bright light upon the scene.

She grinned and leaned her head forward causing her brunette hair to fall forward over her shoulders. “Yes, sir.”


Her grin turned to a smile feeling his hand sear across her ass the first time. “I’m always a brat.”


The second force was enough that she had to steady her balance to keep from falling in the snow that covered the shoes of her knee-high boots. “Please, sir,” she said in a near whimper.

“Please, sir, what?” Harris stepped forward and stroked both of her ass cheeks for comfort.

“It is cold…”


“I want to fuck.”

“But your husband is not here. Where is Grant?”

“He is working.”

“And you want to fuck?” He stepped back and removed his hands from her.

“Yes, sir.”


That one was more playful than force.

“You bad girl.” His deep voice was the prequel to the sound of unzipping. He moved closer again.

Her smile grew further with his hands gripping her again, this time spreading her cheeks to allow entrance. “Oh, fuck,” were the only words she could utter when the tip of his erection pushed between her legs.


Grinding back into her, she glanced around the apartment courtyard as the snowfall picked up its intensity. Her coat, folded on the bench beside them on top of her purse, now had a dusting of snow on top of it. Looking upward she found the security camera which, as Harris had earlier pointed out, was pointing the wrong way and stuck that way.


He pulled close to her and whispered in her ear. “Such a naughty girl you have been.”

“I know, sir.”

“There is a bigger problem, however.”

She glanced over her shoulder at him with a Spockian eyebrow raised. “Sir?”

“It’s too fucking freezing out here.”

The laugh that followed was not something she could stop. The levity of this giant muscled man with the distinguished grey-brown hair spanking and fucking her…and then complaining to be cold…the laugh almost caused her to slam her head into the wall.


“Let’s go inside.” He pulled out of her pussy and zipped back up his pants.

The skirt fell back to her knees as she turned to pick up her coat and purse. “Inside where, sir?”

Waiting until she turned to face him, he looked down at her. “Parking garage where I left my car.”

Due to his size, she always felt like a child with him as she looked nearly straight up into his eyes. “What about security?”

He laughed. “Mandy, please. It’s me.”

She followed him to the black Toyota underground in the near empty parking.

The car, itself, was spotless…rather rare considering the weather.

Harris took her coat and put it in the backseat. He then pushed her to sit on the hood of the car.

“Not here, it’s too public.”

He lifted her sweater.

“Harris, it’s too…”

He leaned forward and bit her right nipple hard.

“Oh fuck!” All her reservations vanished.

Switching, he bit her left hard as well.

Her response was to jam her hips at him, nearly getting his erection inside her through his pants. “You better fuck me now.”

Standing straight up, he held her right breast in his left hand. His right hand struck it with a slap.

“Oh yes! FUCK ME!”

His pants were dropped and he did. He alternated a hard pounding with stopping to bite each nipple again, and then repeating his breast slaps of each.

Mandy moaned and simply rode out his aggressive fuck. Her orgasm was coming hard and fast.

“Excuse me!” a male voice yelled.

“Shit, security,” Harris said and slowed.

Mandy wrapped her legs around him. “Don’t you fucking stop.”

“You can’t do that here!” the voice warned. It was not too convinced, however.

Out of the corner of her eye, Mandy caught sight of the approaching security guard slowing to watch as the couple continued.

Harris bit her left nipple again.

“Just let him finish,” Mandy hissed at the guard. “Then you can have a turn.”

The guard, at first, made no response. He stood and watched the couple for a moment before finally saying, “Okay.”

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