First Trick

Author’s note:  this is part three of the Snow Nymphs.

Calgary Skyline by Leo FungRock hard is how she would have described it.

It, being the cock standing at attention in front of her that had some serious length to it. It stood with a slight side-to-side waiver as it awaited her to do something.

I could devour it, she thought, but she knew that was not allowed here. Come on Beverly, you’re just here to give a happy ending to the massage. Her nailtips reached forward and tickled at his scrotum. To her, with the scrotum goose bumps it looked like a pink lunar surface. Fingers moving higher, they wrapped around the base of his monster. I’m going to have trouble resisting this, she thought knowing that a pussy-slide was part of her normal service. She had fucked enough guys on first dates, how would this be so different…other than she would be getting paid for it. Inching up the table between his spread legs, she blew warm breath on his balls.

His groan was pure thanks for this action.

The only issue would be if the guard dog bitch at reception, Martha, walked down the hall and peered in the spyglass in the door.

The doors had them in to make certain the girls were not turning tricks rather than doing just the erotic massage. Rub and tug was legal. Fucking and blowing guys on the massage table was not.

Beverly unleashed her tongue and gave a lick to his balls.

Another approving groan came from above where his eyes were closed.

Another lick followed as she could not let him fall asleep. After all, John had ordered the VIP massage and although getting him relaxed was part of the deal, his falling asleep would not help her when it came time to fuck him…and she had decided to fuck him.

Yes, his name was John, which struck her as funny. Most guys paying in cash would never use their real names…but John? Then again, Beverly was known as Gina in this place, so who was she to judge?

Lifting herself up between his legs caused her black locks fell over her pale shoulders. The hair, combined with the stiletto-heeled black knee boots she usually wore on shift, gave her a definite goth look. They were usually gone quick during a VIP session that required her to oil up the client’s back. Getting her breasts oily while rubbing him was one thing…ruining her boots with massage oil was quite another.

His strong hands grasped her hips as she straddled him.

Then the pussy slide began.

Running her pussy lips along the length of his erection had her clit tingling after only the third stroke. With how many of these she had done, she could go into subspace and lose the sensation. With John’s size and hardness, it was not happening this time. She reached between her legs to grab his cock and lift it for more friction against her.

“Please,” his deep voice whimpered.

“What do you want?”

“Put it in.”

She looked down at the massive dick head beneath her and knew she had to. Her hesitation, however, looked like she would deny the request.

“Two hundred dollars,” he said in more groan than anything.

Her first trick. Beverly lifted herself off her knees, straightened the erection beneath her, and guided it in.

John groaned once more.

Sensations of pleasure washed over Beverly. Never having had such a big cock before, the size made a difference.

The look on guard dog Martha’s face, when she opened the door on them, suggested the pleasure would not last. “You are fucking fired!”

The parlour owner, Bruce, came running in after hearing Martha yelling. His disappointment showed at one of his favorite girls getting caught.

Beverly and John both dressed. Martha took John down the hall. “Get the fuck out and don’t come back!” she yelled loud enough to be heard back in the room.

Bruce glanced down the hall and closed the door. “You’ll have to go, too.”

“But what about….”

Bruce pulled a wad of bills from his pocket and peeled off a few. “Don’t tell Martha I paid you for tonight. Normally we wouldn’t.”

An hour later Beverly peeled off one of those bills to give to the cabbie. She stepped out and looked up at her condo building. “How the fuck am I going to afford you now?”


The voice made her jump.

Coming up the sidewalk from a black sedan parked behind the cab was John. His black trench coat flapped in the breeze. “Gina, is it?”

A quick look up at the building again beefier she answered, “Nope, Gina is gone. I’m Beverly.”

He pulled cash out if his pocket and handed it to her. “This was my fault. I, at least, owe you this.”

The bills were more than the promised amount. Beverly could tell without counting it. “Thank you,…” She raised her eyebrows for an answer.

“It really is John.”

“Did you want to come up?”

He smiled and showed a bag from the liquor store with a tall bottle inside. “Yes, but only for a drink and a talk.”

“What the hell.”

“With how you were enjoying yourself, I think I have a business proposition for you.”

She giggled. “You gonna be my Christian Grey?”

“No. Better.”

Two Months Later

“Holy fuck! John, it looks awesome!” Beverly sat at the desk with a headset over her left ear.

The computer screen in front of her was done in a deep purple with silver letters across the banner reading, Blizzard Escorts.

“I told you it would be ready,” John’s voice answered in her ear.

Beverly spun in her chair and looked around the office. “One more week and we’ll be ready.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Her eyes looked out the front glass door that would require blinds soon. “Oh look, it’s snowing!”



  1. *mutters something about it being FICTION…. *sigh… and not just fiction but horror fiction at that.

    As for the piece… I am hooked yet again and now it is snowing I sense things will change when that happens


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