Midnight Moon by James Loesch eroticaKoke screamed feeling the Viking’s erection driving into her causing her knees almost to give out. Her hands each held another cock for balance and, luckily for the one in front, she had released him from her mouth before the scream without biting down. She turned to look back at the campfire where Alrik watched the shadowed orgy.

Alrik grinned at his Mongol whore as she played with his crew. He had chosen his crew of twenty-four very carefully, not only for their skills but their lack of superstitions. Thus, having a whore from the Orient onboard for their journey home made them excited rather than fearful.

“She’s so small,” Gust said with a laugh as the sun had begun rising across Bosporus. The crew had gathered at the shipyard on the east coast of Constantinople in the preparation of the dawn launch of their voyage home.

“Yes,” Alrik agreed with his second-in-command, “she will take up little space and need little food.”

“And cock?”

Alrik laughed and stroked his beard. “As you know, my friend, that is up to her. I do not own her.”

Gust smacked Alrik’s armoured shoulder. “Of course. You are a different bird, this much is true.”

“Hard to soar like and eagle when one is traveling with seagulls.”

Gust mocked hurt, putting his palm to his heart. “Sir, but you wound.”

“Stupid, fuck,” Alrik said with a wink.

“That I am, and proud of it, sir.”

The crew of the Knarr had named it Draugr. They were not superstitious, but other sailors were, and the name was thought to send fear into those that would oppose them. They would row in shifts of ten, five on each side, one to work the sales and one in command while the others rested. The running joke was how the tiny Koke’s weight would slow down the ship.

The crew watched Constantinople vanish over the horizon behind them, all knowing it would be the last time they saw the city and the jokes ceased for some time.

All this robust masculinity surrounding Koke was arousing. It was difficult not to please herself, nor simply jump one of them at the first opportunity. From her observations, Alrik was obviously the strongest. Of the rest, there were four she felt were not as strong as the rest, but even those four were impressive.

With enough goods for two straight days, the Draugr continued into the Mediterranean until it was set on a Cretan beach.

…where Alrik sat now, biting into an apple with crunch and drool. His smile showed his pleasure watching four of his crew ravishing the tiny Koke.

Perhaps ironic, but she had chosen the four weaker men for this first night in hopes to save the best for last.

Each of the men climaxed in turn, one in her mouth, one in her pussy, and the other two in her hands. All four collapsed, spent, upon the ground. It was their turn to watch.

Koke crawled away, on hands-and-knees, towards Alrik. She found his erection quickly and worked her lips from scrotum to tip, running her tongue along the length and around it before planting her lips on the tip for a kiss. Her tongue then found the hole at the top and played there. Finally, her lips encircled the tip, and she took her time slipping her mouth down the shaft until the tip was in her throat.

The crew of four groaned their approvals, watching as their captain became more aggressive with Koke. He threw her around the beach and fucked her from every possible angle, position and direction. His climax shot through her while he fucked her from behind with her arms restrained behind her with one of his hands, and her hair tugged with the other.

“We will sail around Spain and up to London before heading for home,” Alrik whispered in her ear later as they snuggled together beneath his cover. “Two weeks, if the wind is good.”

“I want to meet Kadlin,” she whispered back.

“Kadlin will adore you, of this I am certain.”

“Never thought I would meet your wife.”

“Nor did I expect it. We had to get out, though.”

“Yes, I know you did.” Koke grinned into his chest and listened as his breathing turned to snores.

Alrik awoke to the sound of Koke’s screams. He snapped up to sit and reach for his sword before looking around.

The distant sun had slipped just into view above the horizon in the east.

His blue eyes found her, standing nearby and wailing. He scrambled to his feet and ran naked to her.

She stood, in a purple dress to her ankles, with her hands clasped on her belly as she cried out. Hearing Alrik approach, she first turned in fear, but then relief washed her face. “I woke early to wash, and then found this…”

His eyes followed hers and widened.

“…found them…”

Two of her lovers from the night before lay at their feet. Both were naked. Both had looks of terror on their faces…at least what was left of their faces. Both had their throats torn out and a dry pool of blood mixed on the sandy beach beneath them.

She grabbed onto Alrik and buried her head in his chest. “What is it?”

His voice rose to command the sleeping, “WE MOVE NOW! WAKE! WE SAIL!”

Gust was the first to his feet. “What is it, sir?”

Alrik lifted Koke against him and strode back to his place. “Leif and Hakon are dead. Killed by a beast.”

At a run, Gust went to see for himself. Returning, he also began barking orders at the crew. “Sir, what did this?”

Now dressed and armoured, Alrik pulled his belongings into his sack. “I’ve no idea. Whatever it was, that could have been any of us. With this in mind, I’m not waiting around to find out.”

A quick nod and Gust pushed the men to the Draugr. “WE SAIL NOW!!!”

Alrik looked back at the beach and the raging bonfire where the bodies of his two dead crew were laid upon, as the Draugr rowed away. “Gust, I’ve never seen the like.”

“Nor I, sir.”

“You concur? Beast, not man?”

“Yes, sir. The throats were eaten, not cut.”

Alrik nodded. “Did we get all the supplies?”

“Yes. We will sail to the islands beyond Spain before we must stop again.”

“Those islands are a long way out to sea, my friend.”

“Yes, sir. You’d prefer we stop in Spain? Portugal, perhaps?”

“Romans, no. We must avoid the Romans.”

“There’s my captain. I knew the shock would wear off.” Gust moved away and yelled at the oarsman to stroke faster.

“Here’s hoping for a good wind,” Alrik said to the sun.



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