Vampyric Hunger

Author’s note: This is chapter 10 of 13 for Whore’s Voyage.

Lightning by Kevin BurkettRoman blood flowed as Koke’s teeth ripped at the soldier’s throat. Her hands gripped around his hand that held the sword impaled in her belly.

His hand grew slack on his grip upon the sword. His brown eyes showed the shock that came with meeting an immortal.

Koke had grabbed his sword hand and pulled the sword deeper until her teeth could sink in just as lightning flashed through the skies overhead.

The town had been ablaze against the night sky as Koke and Dennis stepped from the carriage. With shacks built close together, a single lightning strike and all was ready to burn.

Seeing Alrik and the Celts were already to arms, Dennis directed Koke off the road to be out of sight and feed upon any hiding soldiers. Her hunger encouraged this action strongly.

The soldier in front of her fell to his knees before collapsing on his side into the mud. His was the fifteenth life she had taken since heading into the cover of trees. Indeed, she had been hungry. There was little question this would be an over indulgence, but she intended to enjoy it.

She eased the sword out of her belly. “FUCK! That hurts.” The sound of her own voice surprised her. She succeed in pulling slow enough to avoid blood, but even vampires felt pain at being stabbed even if it did not kill them.

The sword clanged to the ground as the first heavy drops of rain spluttered to the ground. Quickly the sounds of rain grew in volume to a level that was though it were applause.

Another roar of a charging soldier came from behind her, though now muffled by the deluge.

Mouth wide and eyes closed, Koke used her other senses to guide her swing around to meet him. Her lips tore into flesh once again.

The pained scream, however, was not male.

Koke opened her eyes to see the terrified soldier still five paces from her and frozen with his sword in front to make him feel better.

It had obviously not been Koke he had been charging at. Somehow, Koke recognized the woman she had never met…the woman locked in Koke’s jaws.

The blonde woman, now falling to the ground as her life ebbed away, made pained squeals and gasped with arms flailing. Kadlin collapsed into the mud on her back.

Without feeding upon him, Koke went at the Roman and snapped his twig neck to drop him. She then returned to the woman and knelt beside her. “Kadlin?”

Blue eyes widened in surprise. “Yes.”

“You will not die.”

Kadlin blinked, unable to speak from the pain.

Koke held her right wrist above Kadlin’s mouth. With the finger nails of her left hand, she tore open a vein and pushed the blood spurting wrist to Kadlin’s lips.

At first, Kadlin gagged and blood hurled from both corners of her mouth, but then she began to drink with rejuvenated hunger.

Feeling her own blood draining, Koke’s mind drifted forward again….

The mattress was soft against Koke’s back. On either side of her head rested knees. Looking upwards she glimpsed the blonde pubic hair around the pussy that was being lowered toward Koke’s eager tongue. Her tongue flicked at the pussy lips before partying them to dip inside.

The pussy owner groaned her pleasure and grind lower. The groan was Kadlin, no question.

Koke used her fingers to help her tongue get deeper. Then those fingers also pushed inside while the tongue searched top the right thigh.

“Do it,” hissed Kadlin.

Fangs pierced the thigh and Koke drank from her lover.

Kadlin leaned forward until her body laid flat atop Koke.

Still drinking, Koke groaned feeling tongue and lips now exploring her own pussy. The pleasure mounted with the fingers as well. The wince of pain came with the fangs then piecing her own thigh.

They both squeaked with the pleasure and pain that their hunger had brought.

Koke was distracted, however, and released her thigh bite to look up at the cock being lowered into her vision. Her tongue leapt at it for a lick before watching the tip push Kadlin’s pussy lips apart and vanish inside. Her tongue then played with the scrotum that followed as the cock sheathed inside Kadlin to the hilt.

Kadlin purred.

Koke squealed, herself, feeling another cock pushing between her legs.


“What have you done?!”

Koke sat in the mud with her mind snapping back to the present. Her eyes squinted through sheets of rain at the blonde.

“What are you?” Kadlin stood against a tree with a hand on her belly.

“I’m here with Alrik.” Koke’s own voice was hoarse.

“What? What are you?”

“For Alrik…I couldn’t let you die.”

“Vampyre,” Kadlin hissed. “You’ve made me Vampyre.”



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