Whore’s Voyage: Part 13 – A Viking’s Future

Author’s note: This is part 13 and the finale of Whore’s Voyage. This part, combined with part 12, was written prior to the previous 11 and was intended as the ending. However, the story does not end here..the epilogue was written this past Thursday and evolves the story to continue as my new Wicked Wednesday exclusive series, Sexton City…this is part two of that series. If I may, part one of this new series is one I am particularly proud of.

Viking Ship "Lofotr" by Geir Are JohansenAlrik clung to the pillar of the church steeple. Glancing around, he confirmed that Koke, Kadlin and Dennis were all secure around their own pillars as well.

The church was the tallest building in Unaoss.

His cheeks burned from the radiating heat of lava flowing along the street below. It had only been moments ago while Alrik stood naked in the window watching lava begin to make its way down Lofot Mountain.

“You two, go,” Dennis ordered behind him, “Find a boat or horses our something. We have but minutes.”

Kadlin and Koke fled the room, as instructed.

“No,” Alrik whimpered. His naked body appeared orange in the light of lava flowing down the mountain. “My children are likely dead. My village is to be destroyed. What do I possibly have to live for?”

Dennis shrugged and stuck a thumb over his shoulder. “For starters, those two gorgeous women come to mind. I think they both want you to live…”

His erection n now flaccid, he turned to Dennis. “Dennis of Kent, what are you?”

“…never mind the great episodes of Sherlock Holmes you will miss.” Dennis cocked his head at Alrik in annoyance.

Outside the lava hit the edge of town and brought flames to the wooden town walls.

Alrik began to pull on his clothes. “Dennis, what are you?”

Dennis looked out the window. “We are evolved.”

Outside the lava began to flow at the mouth of the street. A slight gutter diverted it south, away from the building.

“Koke and I…and it seems now your wife as well are what you would call vampyre.”

Alrik nodded. “Of course, I should have assumed.”

“My friend, you’re in shock. We must flee or you will perish.”

Blue eyes shot up to Dennis. “And you?”

“I’m not dying today.” Dennis grinned and winked at him.

Both men sprinted down the stairs and out into the street. Koke and Kadlin were waiting at street level.

“We are now surrounded by either a moat of lava or a boiling sea,” Kadlin yelled over the rising destruction. “We’ve no way out.”

Alrik pointed down the next street. “We must reach the church and climb the roof peak and the steeple.”

Koke gasped. “Alrik, you are not a believer in a house of gods, why would we…”

“No, I am not,” Alrik interrupted. “But I did help build the place and it is the tallest stone building in the Unaoss. It is still the most logical choice of refuge.”

With no further questions, the group raced across.

At the side of the church Alrik, at full sprint, burst through the door shoulder first leaving oak splinters. He led to the altar and behind to the stairs. “The roof shingles are wood and will burn. We must climb the steeple that is stone.” At the top landing of the stairs he found the bell rope. Stopping, he turned to glance at his companions. “With what you are, for once, I suspect I may be the one left behind?”

With a bell toll, Koke was up the rope as though it were stairs. Kadlin and Dennis followed before Alrik, with grunts, climbed up.

Alrik’s blue eyes burned with the reflection of lava.

“My friends,” Dennis said, “this is not how it was supposed to be.”

Lava flowed and washed their sins away.

sometime later…

Alrik shook his head as he stood looking at the black book cover. Stepping out the door his boot heels clicked on the sidewalk hidden beneath winter’s first dusting of snow. He followed the maze of streets to his door. He entered the house, hung his coat and pulled his boots off. “Kady!? Where is she?”

Kadlin was sitting reading in front of the fireplace when he stepped in. “Where is who?”

“Koke. Where is that bitch? She’s been talking again.” He handed her the book.

“Are you sure?” Kadlin looked the book over.

“What did I do now?” Koke’s voice filtered down from the floor above. The hall lightbulb snapped on as she descended the stairs and stopped halfway.

Taking the book from Kadlin, Alrik handed it to Koke over the banister.

Koke’s brown eyes scanned the book. “Oh please, I’ve read this. I’ve never been to New Orleans.” She laughed.

A thud came from the floor above.

Handing the book back, Koke began to head back up. “If you’ll excuse me, my dinner is trying to escape. Oh, and they’ll be making a movie about this soon. Trust me, Tom Cruise will be a very poor choice to play him.”

Face beat read, three words screamed from Alrik’s lips, “DENNIS OF KENT!!!” He threw the book at the fire.

The cover of the book read, “Interview With a Vampire”.


The man sighed and slouched back in his chair. His long black hair fanned out behind him, wrapping around his shoulders and making his black goatee almost appear as a full beard.

The blonde continued sucking his cock from her knees.

“You truly are a good girl. Too bad…”

The buzzer on the control console stopped him.

She looked up. “Too bad what?”

“No concern, please continue. We’re just crossing into the gravity of Zephyr Prime.”

The planet on the view screen offered a purple hue as they approached.

“Sexton City, here I come,” she said with a grin before giving his erection a long lick.

“Mmmm…not so simple, I’m afraid.”

She took him back into her mouth.

The ships manoeuvring rockets fired as the Sexton City landing controls took over ship functions for landing.

Leaning forward, he kissed the blonde’s neck before his fangs slipped in for feeding. He had intended to bring her along as food only. The sex was simply a bonus.

The ship touched down as the blonde’s body fell lifelessly to the deck.

Locking the ship behind him, he headed to the immigration desk.

A large greasy man sat in a high chair behind the desk. His name tag hung just below the badge and declared him as Henry Duncan. “What’s your business in Sexton City?”

The man grinned. “Pleasure. Here to see if I can win at one of your popular casinos.”

Henry scanned the man’s identification card and looked at his computer screen. “You’re not serious?”

“Serious about what?”

“Your middle name is Clark?”

The man realized this was not a problem and relaxed. “Yes it is, why?”

Henry grinned. “I’m a historic comic buff. In the 20th Century they had a superhero that disguised himself as a mild-mannered reporter named Clark Kent. Just thought that was funny.”

“Truly? I had no idea.” Of all the guards to get, he could not believe he got the one that knew the reference from a comic written eight hundred years prior.

“Dennis, Mr. Kent.” Henry handed the identification back to him. “Enjoy your stay in Sexton City.”

“Thank you. Could I ask one touristy question?”


Dennis of Kent grinned at Henry. “I’m famished. Where is a good place nearby for a guy to get a bite?”



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