Look of Orgasm

“Okay, next caller.” Monica hit the button too hard, causing its plastic casing to pop off.

Silence, on the other end, greeted the broken button.

“No caller?” Her eyes shot across the table.

Sarah, on the other side of the glass, shrugged and shook her head.

“I guess we have no caller. Shows what they think of erotica!”

An alert klaxon sounded, and the beige walls were red washed in the end of show light. Immediately the bumper music began to play opening with drums from a hundred-plus-year-old Rush tune.

“And that’s time, folks. Considering the look, Producer Sarah is giving me, seems we need to boogie outta here. I think she needs an orgasm. We’ll be back Monday with more news, traffic and mayhem for you. Alright, Toronto, time to get to work! This is Mayhem Phillips, and I’ll talk at ya tomorrow.”

Sarah’s hands flew across the buttons bringing the bumper music up to full volume.

Lionel Smolt slid into the next booth, ready to report the news.

Monica pulled headphones off, stood and shook out her brunette curls. As was typical, she had her black jeans and tight black t-shirt all matted with sweat. Morning radio was stressful.

“I do not need an orgasm,” Sarah’s voice came through the speakers with a canned sound. Blue eyes stared through the glass at Monica. Blonde hair remained restrained in the clutches of her headphones.

“Well, okay, maybe I need one.”

Sarah grinned and pulled her headphones off.

A finger pointed to the other booth. “Have you ever noticed how much he looks like Guy Smiley?”

Blue eyes cocked towards Lionel then back. “Guy who?”

“Never mind. Was reading my history trivia again.” Monica walked to the door and pulled herself out to the hallway. “Now, however, I need a cocktail!”

Sarah was right at her heels. “At nine? You want a cocktail at nine?”

“Why the fuck not? It’s the weekend.”

Almost running to keep up with the taller woman, Sarah still did not get it. “Yeah, but…”

Monica halted and turned to the short blonde in the frumpy grey sweatshirt. Laying a finger right at where Sarah’s cleavage should begin, she grinned. “Body shots. I want to do body shots.”

“Nine a.m.?”

“Off you, even better.”

“I’m not doing body shots with you! Myles is at home…”

Turning and moving again, Monica waved off the statement. “Myles is okay. No doubt the kids have him busy or tied up. If he can’t handle it, the fire department is only a text away, so let’s get a drink.”

Two young interns stood off to one side, watching the entire interchange. Both shorter than Monica and with big eyes watching their hero pass. The taller of the two, a male with olive skin and the only hair on his head being three-day stubble, giggled. The shorter, a well-tanned brunette that even looked up to Sarah, shushed him.

Monica gave them an amused glance and locked eyes with the male for a lustful moment. She slowed her step just long enough to imagine how his cock would taste…and how annoyed she would be at having to teach such a young boy. Sure, he would taste wonderful and salty…sure, he would be rock hard…but he’d be scared of her and likely cum in about thirty seconds. This was why she preferred silver foxes. Continuing, she returned to her early pace with Sarah running to catch up again. “Any voice overs today?”

“No, I think you anticipated your need for a drink yesterday when you told me not to book any.”

“Good girl. Now where can a girl get a cocktail at…”

“Nine a.m.?” Sarah repeated her question.

“…nine a.m.?” Monica stopped at the large mahogany door with her nameplate on it. Turning around, she allowed Sarah to walk right into her. “I know where. You coming?”

Sarah sighed. “The kids…”

“We’ve been through this; Myles has the kids.”


“This is why you got a boyfriend, no? To take care of the kids.”


Monica shrugged. “That’s why I would get one. Mind you, I don’t have any kids.”

Sarah just stared up at her.

“Now, if he had a massive cock and some stamina.” Pursing lips, she allowed herself to nod. Her brown eyes locked with Sarah. “Let’s get that drink.”

“I’m not getting that drink!”

The look that followed from Monica almost had Sarah melting on the floor. Big eyes, with a Spockian eyebrow raise and a turn of the lips that suggested quite the opposite.

Twenty minutes later…

The four beer steins clanked together from the vibrations of Sarah squirming.

All steins had been emptied out. The first three into the respective bellies of Monica, Sarah and Graham.

Graham, the owner of the Western Gull Pub, had joined them and opened early after one quick text from Monica.

The fourth stein, however, had been poured over Sarah’s belly.

Sarah gasped with the feeling of the tongue searching her navel for the last remaining drops of the sacred liquid. There was nothing to see as Monica’s hair veiled any sight as to what was going on down there, but Sarah loved the feeling. Instead, she stared up, studying the wood ceiling from the bar top of the Western Gull Pub.

There was another set of lips and tongue that, at the same time, were exploring between her legs.

“I told you she tasted good, didn’t I?” Monica reminded.

“Yes, you did. Even without the beer, she is scrumptious. Glad I opened early,” Graham replied.

Sarah felt both tongues vanish from her and guessed they were kissing.

Monica’s voice was the first. “Speaking of opening up, why don’t you open her up and slip that gorgeous cock into her.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

First came the sound of a zipper pulled before the rustle of fabrics. Then Sarah moaned, feeling the massive cock head as it first nuzzled against her pussy lips before pushing them open to gain access.

Monica came up and planted a wet, beer-soaked kiss on Sarah’s lips. “Told you we needed a drink.”

A gasp passed through Sarah with each thrust, but no words.

Climbing onto the bar and on top of Sarah, Monica kissed her again harder. “Hope you don’t mind if we share him.”

Without any request, Graham took his cock from Sarah and shifted to Monica for a few strokes…then back again. He continued to alternate until his member swelled and exploded inside of Sarah.

“See, now isn’t this better than going home to Myles?” Monica laughed.

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