Helga sat down on the curb.

The crack of dawn left the street barren beyond gulls picking up the scraps found everywhere.

“What a night,” she whispered and pulled the pink scarf from around her neck. Lifting her ass off the curb, she put the scarf down. Pulling her skirt up, she set her bare ass back down on the scarf. At least it would keep some of the cement cold off her while she remembered. Her right hand lowered between her legs.

Where had she lost her panties?

She was not entirely sure.

Her pussy ached, however. It ached beautifully having been opened so many times the night before. Her fingers rubbed, avoiding the raw parts, but enjoying the wet again. As she moved, the rosary swayed across her chest.

When Carlos had given it to her…

His name was Carlos, right?

…it had swayed between her bare breasts. The corset was in a pile of her clothes off in a corner. Her stockings and ankle boots had been her only clothing. Carlos, if that was his name, owned the fifth cock that had fucked her that night.

Considering that by the end of the evening she had fifteen different cocks inside her, Helga was amazed her stockings were still in perfect shape.

It had begun as her cleaning day had ended. Putting the vacuum away in the small condo closet.

“Helga, you are fantastic.” Ginger Grace’s long blonde hair trailed over her left shoulder as she crossed her arms and leaned against the wall.

“Thank you,” Helga said with a smiling nod in return.

She brushed a stray dust speck off the shoulder of her black dress. It clung to her nylon covered legs, just above the knees. Ginger was tiny, under five-foot tall, and seemed even tinier with no stiletto heels on at the moment. “Going home to your kids?”

This was an odd question, Helga thought. Their previous discussions were always pleasant, but never even remotely personal. “No, Oscar and I don’t have any kids. He’s working late again tonight, so going home to my TV.” The eye roll that followed the last sentence was involuntary. That Helga was likely going home to watch porn, was not something she wanted to share yet.

“Why don’t you come party with us, then?”

Helga suddenly felt underdressed in her gray yoga pants and a black hoodie. “Who is us?”

“Cast of a shoot I just finished. We are all meeting at Hung Harris’ place for drinks.”

“Just drinks?”

Ginger’s sparkling blue eyes winked at her. “Depends on what you want. And I’m guessing you might have some fun while Oscar works late.”

“When is it?”

“I’m heading over now.”

Helga’s brown eyes lowered. “Very tempting, but I’m not really dressed for it. I mean.”

“I think I owe you a tip.”

“I get a yearly bonus from the agency. No tip is allowed.”

Ginger grinned. “Let me guess, what happens with that bonus?”

“Oscar wants to fix up his motorcycle.”

“Well, motorcycles are cool, but it’s your money, no?”

Helga shrugged and looked away. This was not a new concept to her, but never an easy one to deal with.

“Okay, no tip, but I’m taking you shopping.”

There had been no arguing. First stop was a hair dresser. A cheap looking industrial place where Def Leppard tunes blared from the speakers and the bald and bearded hairdresser wore a sleeveless black t-shirt of 80s sexist metal lore. He soon had Helga’s brunette locks in a gorgeous curly ponytail that looked fantastic.

Helga had no idea at the time, how much that ponytail was going to be pulled that night.

Another woman then applied makeup to what Helga deemed as hooker-levels.

Within an hour, Helga was in a black corset, skirt, stockings and the ankle boots with four-inch heels. She had already towered over Ginger before, but the heels made it ridiculous. The pink scarf was the last thing Ginger tossed around Helga’s neck to add just a splash of colour.

After all the pampering and dressing was done, Helga felt severely guilty for the gifts Ginger had bestowed upon her.

“It’s not a tip!” Ginger kept repeating with laughs. She had also been pampered and was now in a navy mini skirt with stiletto boots past her knees and a navy scoop neck blouse.

Then the clock clicked to ten. dreamstime_xxl_18114886

“We’re late,” Ginger said as she slipped the tiny car into a parking spot.

They were underground in a condo that was on the outer edges of downtown. A quick ride to the fourth floor was when they found room 424. After a knock, Helga was greeted to a sight of overwhelming fascination.

As she sat on the curve, hand now digging into her pussy harder, the only term she could come up with was that she saw live porn…and it was awesome.

She recognized many but had no idea on names. A few drinks in and her own panties were gone. Although it occurred to her that she was never actually asked, she was definitely not complaining.

Then the cocks had begun showing up. Three different times she was bent over against a counter or table and felt a massive cock inside her before actually seeing the face of the owner. Before long, Ginger led her to a bedroom and undressed her. Carlos…still not sure…put the rosary around her neck and then mounted her on the bed.

An audience of men and women formed around the bed.

Helga, being seen as new meat, was then shared by the men and the women.

Was it only fifteen cocks? She knew she had blown more than that but wasn’t quite sure. The drink had been flowing and, though she had limited herself so as not to lose her faculties or sensibilities, the fucking had become something of a blur. A wonderful glorious sensual blur.

Her pussy agreed as a fountain of squirting orgasm poured out onto the pavement in front of her.

Putting both hands behind her, flat on the pavement, she leaned back.

A black sports car passed, and the driver had difficulty keeping his eyes on the road from what he saw at the curb.

Helga laughed and leaned back forward with elbows on knees and chin on fist. “What am I gonna tell Oscar?” A few birds chirped and agreed with her.

A few birds chirped and agreed with her.

The same sports car pulled up in front of her again. The window lowered.

Helga stood and looked in at the massive man behind the wheel.

“Are you okay?” he asked with a wide grin.

“I’m good, thanks.” She smiled back. Her eyes lowered to see his right hand was not in the proper two position on the steering wheel but instead held and stroked his massive erection.

“How much?”

Her smile faltered for only a moment. Popping the car door open, she climbed in beside him.

What, indeed, was she going to tell Oscar?


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