high heels handcuffs gloves eroticaTempest looked down at him and giggled. She still held a riding crop in her hand as she stood at the bedside with only her polka-dot red and white panties and bra left on. Her red hair cascaded over her left shoulder with little memory of the ponytail it had started the evening in.

For six hours, Kipling had indulged her scene of fetish and erotica. There had been no complaints from him about any of it. He grinned as she had applied handcuffs, bound his ankles and put the blindfold on him. There had been an occasional grimace and groan during the flogging and cropping periods. There had been plenty of pleasurable groans while he endured her guests taking turns sucking his large cock.

Tempest wasn’t sure that endured was the correct word here. Tempest, herself, had never given Kipling a blowjob but from her observations it was obvious that he loved getting them.

Kipling’s mouth had a few cocks in it and pussies placed on his face as the evening rolled along. At eight different times, condoms were rolled onto him for one of the female guests to ride him. He seemed to enjoy all of this as well, and yet not once did he cum.

The king-sized bed was centred along the wall under a long window covered with blinds. Matching side tables and table lamps stood guard either side of the bed, with the only light coming from the one left of the bed.

Tempest sighed and hung the crop on its wall hook. “Kipling, darling.”

His head shifted, but still no words.

“They’ve all gone home. The cone of silence is lifted.”

He groaned. “That was fucking awesome.”

“You were such a good boy.” Turning to the bed, she crawled beside him. “Turn over so I can uncuff you.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Next she untied the rope around his ankles before returning to the top to tug the blindfold off. “I bet you’re exhausted.”

He blinked. “Yeah, I am.”

“But you haven’t even cum yet.” She cuddled beside him and wrapped her left hand around his flaccid cock.

His eyes widened as they turned to her. The cock quickly hardened as well.

Tempest laughed. She knew this would surprise him. Theirs had always been a domme-sub relationship, to date for the last three years…only domme-sub, and never lovers. But he’d been such a good boy tonight.

“Ma’am?” Kipling’s grin was confused.

She released his cock and rolled away. Arching her back, she pulled her panties off and down before casting them aside. “You did everything I asked, tonight.” Grasping his left hand, she rolled him towards her and placed it between her legs.

“Yes, ma’am. It’s as we agreed.” His hand immediately began to spread her lips open.

“I have one more requirement before I let you sleep.” She reached over and stroked his cock again. Lifting her head, she planted her lips on his.

His voice came in only a whisper, “Anything, ma’am.”

The kiss was longer and deeper this time as both increased the pace and intensity of their hand work.

“You’ve been saving your cum all night, as I told you to.”

He nodded.

Pushing him onto his back, she rolled with him and straddled his erection. Keeping it in her hand while her pussy lips brushed against it, her eyes locked on his. “I want that cum now.” She lifted up from him and straightened his cock so she could lower, sheathing the erection within her pussy.

Kipling’s hands went to her hips. “Yes, ma’am,” he growled.

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