Osgoode York loved the view.escort jaipur

He had looked at the first website showing Jaipur Escorts and found an escort picture that appealed to him. It was a little weird to find the same pictures on the second site, Escorts in Jaipur, but with his liking the first one it didn’t matter.

His visit to the “Pink City” was going to be a quick one.

His evening with Kavya, he hoped, wouldn’t be. Reaching up, he gave her right breast a light smack.

She giggled and grabbed his hand, sliding her fingers between his.

It had been two days of travel from Toronto that included stops in Dublin and Abu Dhabi before landing at Jaipur International Airport around 3 am local time on Sunday. The next thirty hours had been for sleeping off the ensuing jet lag hangover. Then a 10 am meeting with Travis & Brock to sign the deal before a celebratory lunch.

Kavya had walked into the bar at Rambagh Palace in a white scoop-neck blouse and long black skirt. Her dark curls flowed freely down her back, almost to her waist. On seeing her enter, Osgoode smiled and stood to get her attention from his table.

“Good afternoon.” She gave him a hug and kissed each cheek before allowing him to push in her chair.

“I’m glad you could come so early,” Osgoode said with a smile. “Will you have a drink?”

“I understand you have an early flight, so perhaps only one.”

He rolled his eyes and nodded. “Another 25 hours in the air on my way to Sydney, Australia.”

“And where did you come here from?”

“Toronto, and heading home for the weekend.”

“Wow. Perhaps we should have that drink in your room. Sounds like you need some stress relief.”

Five minutes later, Osgoode stood in the entry way to his guest room and handed her an envelope of cash. The rest had seemed a blur.

Kavya was no submissive. She took complete control of the scene from undressing him to position changes. After undressing him, she dropped to her knees and devoured his cock. Then her clothes vanished before she pushed him back on the bed and mounted him.

Now, with his hand joined with her, she rode his cock, grinding down on him with pleasured grunts and a smile. He loved the view of her face past the rise and fall of her breasts.

He hoped she was enjoying this as much as he was. It was a job for her, of that he had little doubt, but it felt as though she enjoyed her work.

Her pussy was a tight fit around his cock, and she was wet. Shudders rippled through her with alleged orgasms more than once.

Osgoode filled three condoms before watching her dress and walking her to the door.

He flipped on his laptop and typed in Sydney Australia escorts. He had done this enough times to know the browser history would point his search to Sydney, Nova Scotia first, so he had to include the country.The browser immediately offered Sydney Escorts. Clicking the link, his eyes feasted on his next adventure.

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