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  1. I thought the facilities were great but the managing of the place needed improvement. Even on Twitter there hadn’t been any posts in more than a year. I would say that their clientele leans towards the suburban soccer Mom’s and Dad’s. They did offer a “play & stay” deal at the hotel on the corner. That is good for out of towners. I think there are regulars that go there and they didn’t seem to be very open with new people. I wonder what it would take for that. I also wonder if we were to go again and bring some of our sex positive/open friends that we have a better time. I doubt the people that go there are kinky in our sense of the term. To them just having sex with other people around may be their thing. That was the sense I got.

    I described it to some friends this way… If you are parents with kids at home that keep you from enjoying sex the way you would like, going to Ozone for an evening is a cheaper alternative to getting a hotel. You can go and play just the two of you in an area that curtains off. You can get a thrill knowing that others are nearby doing the same thing.

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