The Lonely Razor

As a male, I don’t think I quite understood the razor as an erotic tool until a friend asked me one, simple question:

“Do you think I want a mouth full of hair?”

Alas, my discovery of the razor, one of the more underrated erotic tools a man can use, for purely selfish reasons. Having gone and stayed clean-shaven recently, for the first time in over a decade, there are other better reasons.


  1. It looks almost unreal in those colours. Totally agree about the razor – in the last year have discovered the joys of shaving beyond the head, for similar motivations and reasons.

  2. Razors can absolutely be erotic – I love having my partner shave my legs (always leads into more fun activities), and I feel such deep intimacy when he lets me shave his face.

  3. Shaving can be sexy, I have been shaven and it led to lots more fun. Personally I also like a man to have a clean shaven face with trimmed balls.

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