Reality Expenses


“Why is there no sex version of Guitar Hero,” Millie asked as she lowered onto the erection beneath her.

“There should be one!” Carter nodded and watched as his wife lowered completely, sheathing the hard cock, before stepping forward and offering his own to her lips.

“I suspect,” Greg said from beneath Millie in more grunt than actual voice, “they’d be worried about it causing too many insecurity issues.”

Millie rose and lowered on Greg’s cock three times as she considered this. “They watch porn, don’t they? That’s pretty unrealistic and yet there is generally still a drive to have sex for folk in spite of those images.” She wrapped her fingers around Carter’s erection and stroked. She felt the warmth of desire to have it on her tongue but would wait until the discussion was complete. Multitasking was one thing, but not so simple with a full mouth in this case.

Carter put his hands on his hips and leaned backward, pushing his cock forward so his body formed a slight crescent shape as he stood. “I guess it is a fine line between flaunting and bragging.”

“Exactly!” Greg agreed. “Just because we can stay hard for hours might actually hurt the confidence of some. Especially those suffering from things like erectile dysfunction or the like.”

“We do need to think of those in need more,” Millie said with a deeper voice between heavy breaths. “Oh, fuck. Right there.” Her other hand dropped onto Greg’s chest for balance. She kissed the tip of Carter’s cock, still not ready to suck on it.

“So how can we help others?” Greg asked. His hands grasped Millie’s hips and pulled her down harder on him with an audible smack of her ass against his hips.

“Fuck, dude.” Carter shook his head. His left hand reached behind Millie’s head and interlaced with her brunette curls. “We’re fictional characters. What can we do?”

Millie grinned up at him. “Good point. I guess flaunt it if you got it.” She opened her mouth and took his massive cock inside to the hilt.

“Flaunt it if you got it,” Carter agreed with a hiss. He closed his eyes as his head lulled back.

“Shame we’re fictional.” Greg pulled Millie down hard on him again. “Imagine how fucking hot this would be were we real.”

Carter’s head snapped back to attention as he looked down at Greg. “Nah, dude.”

Millie released Carter’s cock and laughed. “Absolutely not. If we were real, this would feel fantastic, but it wouldn’t be as vague to allow readers to gestalt in their own hot ideas. That, plus we’d have to use condoms.”

“Imagine the expense as condoms aren’t cheap,” Carter agreed. “It’s not like this writer has given us any backstory jobs or anything. We’re probably homeless.”

Greg nodded. “Good point. Flaunt it if you got it.”

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“That’s my boy.” Millie patted Greg’s chest. “But Carter, darling…”

He locked eyes with her.

“With these bodies, I doubt we’re homeless. These would require gym memberships, and that ain’t cheap.

He held her gaze and watched his erection go deep into her mouth to continue its interrupted flirting with her tonsils. He leaned his head forward to see past his belly. “But I’m a dad bod,” he whispered.

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“Don’t piss off the writer,” Carter hissed. “Next time he’ll leave you alone to masturbate.”

“But I like masturbating.”

“Good and fine, until you realize that’s what the writer leaves you to do until the end of time and doesn’t give you any lotion to help.”


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