New Entitlement

Let the next person help. I don't feel like it. This bus has just departed downtown Windsor, Ontario and will deposit its passengers in Toronto about five hours from now. Getting in this bus was a challenge as this is a continuation of a journey that the coach began in Detroit, Michigan. It was already two-thirds full when it got here and those waiting to board added another quarter to capacity. Good for Greyhound Corporation, but not so much for passenger comfort. Especially when there were many asleep on two seats after the ten minute trek from Canadian border services to the Windsor bus depot. The first person asked to "excuse me" to move his baggage and free up a seat ignored me. This was rather shocking but, rather than make a [Read more...]

A Triad of Parallel Men

erotica polyamory ethical non-monogamy

Maggie woke with a snort as her snoring habit went off to hide too late. She blinked her eyes a few times before closing them tightly to help them adjust. To the left, grey daylight filtered in through the blinds of the sliding doors. Through those blinds, white snow passed sideways as the wind carried it along. April, she thought. This is spring, dammit. Not supposed to fucking snow in April. Bob gave a snort-snore of his own and shifted on to his right side, facing her. Sleep held him, however, as his eyes shifted beneath his lids in search of dreams. Will, on her left side, held his position. He slept like he was dead, on his back and with his hands intertwined over his belly. Maggie grinned and considered how few [Read more...]