Piper gasped…sort of. Most of her gasps and moans were for the benefit of the john involved, and rarely a reflection of how she felt. Mitchell, the hairy man on top of her, liked the missionary position. He liked it so much that his half-hour sessions were missionary, from start to finish. He would rarely, if ever, climax and that was never an issue for him. Even knowing this, he always brought his own condom and put it on without urging. Piper assumed it was a control thing. With the large man on top of her, it was not as though she had much control over anything. The hair on his back and chest was heavier, and darker, than the fringe left on his head. His beer belly sloshed against her as his tiny penis barely penetrated her, [Read more...]

Seven Lightsabers and a Third Blogiversary

Lightsaber by Remco van der meer

1096 days ago…26, 304 hours ago…94, 694, 400 seconds ago (aren’t calculators lovely?) I know…I know…this is starting to sound like a new song being written for Rent. Three years ago today a man sat in a farm-house, roughly an hour north of Toronto, and signed into WordPress for the first time. Not to suggest he had not been writing online prior to that, but he finally began to organize and share his writing regularly. It was proved early, and proved often, that he had no idea what the fuck he was doing nor getting himself into. Since that time, including this one, he has written or posted 946 pieces…some very good pieces and some that leave one wondering at just what level of drunkenness he was operating at when typing that [Read more...]