Whistling for Tidbits

Author's note: Marie Rebelle was kind enough to let me pick this week's Wicked Wednesday prompt. This is my third attempt to write this piece as inspired by music...which is something my writing is always inspired by. This week also holds special meaning for me as tomorrow (May 11) marks fifteen years since the passing of Douglas Adams (Towel Day is May 25...tell your friends!). My first attempt was using the music of Level 42, a band who's very name shows how Douglas inspired them. The next attempt used Pink Floyd, a band that inspired Douglas. Both pieces that, with some work, will show up on these pages later. But then I realized, there was only one song I can use for this: Press play... "I liked their porn." "Carson, watch [Read more...]

The Adventures of Spam

Alright, I'm going off script a bit this morning. One of the intriguing parts of writing on this site is just how many spam comments I get to clear off my system. The fact that an application is needed to weed out said comments, says something on its own, but just this morning I cleaned out 67 of them. A question comes to mind, on all this. Okay, a few questions have spawned from this. Who does this shit work on? Is it just click-bait in the hopes someone will click a wrong button? Do people fall for the ridiculous comments that, usually, have nothing to do with the post they're attached to? Is it a mix of ham and sausage? I don't know! "May I quote this article, so long as I give credit? I write in a similar way than you [Read more...]

A Baseball Gender Question

As I begin writing this post, I am sitting in a pub watching a baseball game. Indeed, I'd rather watch the snow melt, but I have time to kill while my kids are at a rehearsal, so here I am. One of the broadcasters just mentioned what a shame it is that the tradition of baseball is not being passed on by parents to the younger set. That's right. It's our fault that the younglings have no love of the diamond, the struggle of hitter v. batter, chewing tobacco, and steroids. Soon all will be forgotten. I have one question. Why should we? OBJECTION!!! Yes, this is a sex positive post, your honor. If the court allows me some leeway, I suspect my reasoning for this will be clear. I promise, your honor, at no time will I refer to the [Read more...]