Evening Notes

Thought of falling through the cracks in the road no longer frighten me. Funny what a new, fresh and good relationship does. Changes the entire outlook. Reminds me why Nicholson wanted to be a better man...for her, of course. She does that to me. My heart has become hers. Every second thought is of her...and this is a conservative estimate. I no longer sleep quite right unless she is beside me. Alas, as I write this, I am across town and in my own bed. Half-empty..half-full...whatever...would be warmer and more comfortable if she were in it with me. My eyes are half-shirted and I hear the beckon of sleep, but there is that missing presence. Approaching my 30th month using this site for my writing and it seems I have finally found the [Read more...]

That Point

Press play... You know that point when you need her? That point where you are sitting there alone in the quiet and all you can think of is her and what she does to you?  The thoughts of how you simply want to be near her regardless of what she is doing and where she is and why she is doing it...the thoughts of how she drives you to do the unthinkable all in the hopes of making her smile or laugh...the memories of the last time you were with her seeming soooooo long ago and knowing the next time can not be soon enough? That point where you cannot imagine a future without her smile greeting you in the morning and kissing her to say good night...where you know that you can tell her every last detail of your day without hesitation and, [Read more...]